Karma Predestination Positive Chance Concept
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Slowly the Chela in the Light learns to see how knowledge and wisdom are not the same thing. Knowledge has its place, but it must be wedded to the heart. As this realization dawns more on the Chela, the light of that revelation shows the many areas in the Chela’s life where love has been lacking. The various areas that the Chela has been driven by egotistical personality desires and glamours are being increasingly revealed. Humility begins to set in and the Chela is starting to see that for effective group work to really happen the Chela needs to clean up his or her karma. Bailey states that the Chela in the light has to consciously work out this karma in four ways. “1. He works off unavoidable karma as intelligently and consciously as possible. 2. He takes on some karma which ordinarily would be precipitated in some later life. 3. He begins to shoulder some of the general karma of humanity, thus increasing his own load of karma. 4. He begins to work with and to comprehend something of planetary karma, though as yet he undertakes no responsibility in this connection” (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol I, p. 726).

Regarding working off the karma in this life, this can only be done if the light of the soul that the Chela is using has helped the Chela to go through what Bailey calls “the lesser revelation.” She says, “The Chela in the Light is one who treads the way of what is called ‘the lesser revelation’—lesser because it is concerned with the revelation of that which must be done in the personality life; it is not the way of the higher revelation of divinity and its nature. It is the revelation of that which is already manifested and not of what must be manifested. Ponder on this. The searchlight of the soul reveals faults in character, limitations in expression and inadequacies in conduct. These must be intelligently corrected “ (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 727). This means the Chela is able to more clearly see some of the mistakes he or she has made during their personality and spiritual growth and development and is now actively adjusting the karma with those who   may have been harmed deliberately or inadvertently along the way. As this karma is cleared the Chela is then “freed up” to accomplish his or her service work more effectively. If this karma is not worked off first, then any negative karma the Chela generated with other people, may come back to harm their service work.

For example, let’s say you are a man wanting to become a spiritual teacher or political leader. However, in the “light of the Soul” you are becoming aware of a personality pattern that was set into motion due to a “cleavage” created earlier in your life, or resorting to having brief affairs with women to release your tension and stress and to boost your ego. Worse, you then actively seek to cover these affairs up through lies and deception. Now that you see the pattern that you have you begin to actively heal the karma by going to the women you have had the affairs with and making amends. Going to those you have lied to, including the public at large if that has happened, and also making amends. You also seek out ways to work with your testosterone, impulsive behavior, childhood wounding and male conditioning so that the likelihood of having illicit affairs is gone.

Next, to “take on some karma which ordinarily would be precipitated in some later life” you might even refocus your service work as a spiritual teacher along the lines of helping other men here and now to understand how to manage their testosterone, impulsive behavior, childhood wounding and male conditioning better so that they are no longer likely to act out sexually in a harmful and negative way with others. Going even further you can begin “to shoulder some of the general karma of humanity, thus increasing his own load of karma” by setting up programs locally, nation wide, and then globally to help remove some “planetary karma” of men not being as willing as they need to be at this phase of human evolution to examine their testosterone and how it can subvert their more spiritual inclinations, unless they learn to heal their childhood wounding, better manage their impulsive behaviors, recognize their male conditioning, and then learn in the light of their own souls to pick better methods of coping than those of having illicit affairs. In short, karma becomes service karma as we learn to heal our own individual karma by helping others who have similar difficulties learn to heal theirs. In all these ways, negative karma is lifted and we help not only ourselves, but others, to have positive karma as everyone moves forward.