• What does the spiritual path look like?
  • How do we practically know where we are on that path?
  • How can we become stronger spiritually and grow more effortlessly into our spiritual potential?
  • What difficulties are we likely to face and how do we overcome them?
  • Why do humans all seem so different in their spiritual development?
  • How can we as “spiritual psychologists” help all humans grow spiritually based on a clear understanding of where they are at in their current level of consciousness?


These questions and more are covered by this beautiful set of books that provide you with a practical and comparative look at what various spiritual teachings have to say about becoming spiritual.

The books also help you walk the talk of the spiritual path because each book comes with information and practical exercises to help you both understand and embody the various stages of spiritual growth.

Based on decades of research and practical application of the insights shared in these books.

The insights in these books combine psychological insights from traditional psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Esoteric Psychology and the teachings of Ken Wilber and the Integral movement — with esoteric teachings drawn primarily from the Theosophical writings of Alice Bailey. Insights are also included from the author’s in depth understanding of the teachings of Lucille Cedercrans; Paul Brunton; Paramahansa Yogananda; Swami Shivananda; Helena P. Blavatsky; Annie Besant and other Theosophical authors and esoteric teachings from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and more.

Eventually there will be 12 BOOKS in this series! Support their completion.


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