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Capricorn Spiritual Lessons and Full Moon Meditation

Make the most of the month of Capricorn and the Full Moon cycle by exploring what Capricorn energies are like at a Personality (selfish) level where Capricorn is a Mountain Goat compensating for unhealed wounds through depression or selfish materialistic ambition. Then on a Soul level (learning selflessness), Capricorn becomes the Sea-Goat, and learns to re-direct their ambitions towards helping others. Finally, on the level of Spirit Capricorn becomes the Unicorn who in a practical and masterful way helps open the “eye” of others in order to build a new world order that is more inclusive, compassionate and universal, bringing a new Heaven to Earth.

Sagittarius Spiritual Lessons & Full Moon Cycle Info

Make the most of the month of Sagittarius and the Full Moon cycle. Explore what Sagittarius energies are like at a Personality (selfish) level, Soul level (on the spiritual path), and Spirit level (where selflessness rules).

What Is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a word that many people use but what does it mean? This video shares thoughts from the Alice Bailey teachings that emphasize how enlightenment is not a single event, but a series of expansions of consciousness known as “initiations” in this teaching.

New Updated Master Chart & List of Changes

After two more years I have decided to release the latest version of the Master Chart of Bailey terms I have used on this blog. For six years now I have been updating it. Read on to learn about changes that were made and where future tweaks may happen.

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Scorpio Full Moon Meditation

Make the most of the month of Scorpio and the Full Moon during this month by exploring what Scorpio energies are like at a Personality (selfish), Soul (more spiritual) and Spiritual levels as we move from Scorpio as a Monster, to a Warrior, to a Disciple and an Initiate capable of overcoming negative tendencies within oneself so that the individual is better equipped to be a light in the world. The video also gives unique insight into the role of the star Sirius and its connection to this sign.

The First Enlightenment – Rule Fourteen & Summary of ALL 14 Rules

This is the final video on the fourteen rules for spiritual growth. This video also includes a summary of all 14 rules and how they relate to what is known as the “first initiation” or first enlightenment experience and shows how the rules take us from preparation for the first initiation, into taking the initiation, and then embodying it.

Approaching Divinity – Rule Thirteen – Meditation

This video contains a series of questions that helps you meditate on what are known as the Laws of the Soul, helping you to become more radiatory and magnetic as the Soul in your life.

Approaching Divinity – Rule Thirteen – Rules for Spiritual Growth

In this rule we discover the importance of how to further live as a Soul through radiation, magnetization, transmutation, and more.

Serving Others – Rule Twelve – Meditation Only – Rules for Spiritual Growth

This meditation on Rule Twelve allows you to dive deep to look at how you are serving on the spiritual path especially through the use of the hands, feet, and “eye.”

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