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CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE: Group Six – Correlations to Other Models

This post ends the discussion of how Bailey’s Group Six Integrated Personalities  enter a crisis. The post also explores the connection of this level to Integral’s Orange (which does not always fit), and ends with a look at the Seven Rays and how each Ray Type deals with this crisis at this stage.  

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CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT: Group Six – Managing the Masses

This post starts the discussion of how Bailey’s Group Six Integrated Personalities begin to enter a crisis that leads them to either become more entrenched in the separative and selfish nature of the personality, or leads them to question if they should break free from the personality’s grip. 

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CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN: Group Six – Emphasis on the Individual

This post continues the discussion of Bailey’s Group Six who are the “cream of humanity” and becoming Integrated Personalities. The post continues to look at the typical mindset of this mostly selfish group who it is said will dominate our planet in the coming centuries. The post also talks about the Egoic Lotus petal association with this group, the use of the Technique of Integration, and the associations with Integral Amber Expert and Orange. Finally, we learn why it is so important to understand what the stage is like and how to work with it so it does not become too detrimental. 

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CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX: Group Six -Masters of the Universe

This post starts the discussion of Bailey’s Group Six who are the first to become Integrated Personalities and operate out of what is known as Aryan consciousness. Primarily selfish, individualistic, materialistic and typically atheistic in nature, the post covers how according to the Ageless Wisdom teachings the cutting edge of humanity is just starting to pass through this stage, and how most of humanity will be at this stage for hundreds of years to come. 

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CHAPTER FIVE: Group One – Survival, Physical Coordination, Individuation

This post describes Group One of Bailey’s Ten Groups. Bailey suggests this group has remnants of Lemurian consciousness. This group is also similar to Integral’s Infrared stage. 

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CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The Physical Plane – Intro + 7th & 6th Subplanes

At last we begin the process of going up the subplanes of each plane in the Bailey model. This chapter begins to explain the Physical Plane overall and then gives more details regarding the 7th and 6th subplanes of the Physical Plane.

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Chapter Five: Main Terms – Part One

Here we begin to introduce the main terms found in Bailey’s books focusing in this post on Colors, the Ten Groups, Evolutionary Names, and the Egoic Lotus Petals.

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CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Problem With Levels

This chapter reveals why perceiving the expansion of human consciousness in a step by step levels approach may not be the best model. The chapter also discusses how the Bailey writings handled this problem through the discussion of “cleavages” or “gaps” in development. 

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BOOK TWO: Becoming Human

Before we become a Soul in the Ageless Wisdom teachings we have to learn to become  an Integrated Personality. According to Ageless Wisdom and Integral theorists, few humans have reached this stage.  What does it mean to become an Integrated Personality? What will humanity look like when it gets there? This book takes a look then at what it means to become fully human.

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