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Types – Rays vs Enneagram

Though the Enneagram was not at first considered a type system, through the works of people like Helen Palmer and especially Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, the type aspect has become a very popular psycho-spiritual tool. Less well known than the Enneagram, the Seven Ray Types have similarly a great deal to offer, and this post we compare and contrast the two.

Though there are many type systems, two stand out in terms of their evolutionary application. The nine different Enneagram types evolve through nine different levels. The seven different Ray types, likewise evolve through many levels. Both, have a lot to offer in the way of helping an individual understand their own unique way of becoming more spiritual. And, this helps those who are already aware of to some extent the basics of these two type systems, see what they have in common.

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Not everyone is the same or evolves spiritually in the same way.  That is the idea behind different types.

Integral/Wilber Types

The integral approach to its credit is attempting to look at how people evolve in various ways.  The most notable is the difference between men and women and some ideas have been put forth here primarily borrowing on Carol Gilligan’s stages of moral development.

Though not intrinsically a part of the Integral Operating System, the nine types of the Enneagram are also recognized, especially in regards to how these nine types evolve along nine levels as outlined in the book Personality Types by Don Riso.  (Note: These nine levels are not directly connected with the levels and stages of the Integral map).  (Note: The Types of Male/Female are on the far left of the map below).

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