Evolutionary Names

The next set of terms that Bailey uses involve specific names that describe the various levels of human and spiritual evolution. You might wonder, why after just giving us ten groups of human evolution we now get what seems like new names for the same thing. In some ways we are. But, what Bailey is doing is getting much more specific and breaking things down into smaller pieces, especially in regards to her Groups 7 through 10. In fact, as you will see when you go through her books, almost all of her 26 books focus primarily on seeing how Groups 7 & 8 evolve. That is why she starts to use more detailed names. Please see the chart below.

Stages Groups Names


Cave MenThe Lemurian race were said to come into being about 18 million years ago when human beings were said to go through individualization, a process when humans finally know themselves to be distinct individuals separate from others. This stage can easily be verified in what is known as the mirror test. With infants, and even most animals, if you hold a mirror up in front of them they will simply look away and be uninterested. But, at at certain point infants (and some animals) will suddenly realize that they are looking at themselves as individuals in the mirror. They now know themselves as distinct and separate individual beings. Lemurians are also said to be focusing on “the right comprehension, correct functioning and control of the physical bodyGlamour: A World Problem p. 107. This also extends to trying to navigate the physical environment for purposes of survival. The other characteristic we find with those who have Lemurian consciousness is that their minds are primarily instinctual in nature (Glamour: A World Problem, p. 32). The final thing we see with Lemurian consciousness are they are hyper-sexualized and possess indiscriminate sexual impulses. Today we are told there are very few people on the planet whose everyday consciousness focuses at this level. (Note: to learn more about this level of consciousness read the chapters in my book Becoming Human on Infant Humanity and Child Humanity).


Shopping BagsThe next evolutionary term Bailey uses is Atlantean. The word Atlantean is something most people would associate with the island of Atlantis, which was said to have been submerged by a great flood. Stories of a great flood are essentially found in all world cultures and religions. But, Bailey is not talking about this in her books. Again, she is referring to states of consciousness, meaning it might surprise some people to discover that she considers the vast majority of human beings as Atlantean at this time (Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II, pp. 25, 496). This assertion that most human beings are Atlantean in their consciousness is not hard to see when you understand what Atlantean consciousness looks like. To begin with Atlantean consciousness is primarily focused on fulfilling desires for money/security, pleasure/sex and to some degree power. Though those with Atlantean consciousness have more intelligence, their thinking is still orientated towards the fulfillment of their desires. In fact Bailey claims that most psychological disorders connected to Atlantean consciousness come about when their desires are frustrated (Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II, pp. 496). As a counselor I myself can vouch for this, especially when you see how many of the anxiety, depressive, addictive  and abuse disorders stem from not being able to get their desires met. Because Atlantean consciousness has more mind, they have more power to discriminate and choose between their various desires. They also have the capacity to employ time somewhat intelligently, giving them more of an ability to plan. Still their lives are mostly about getting up and spending their days trying to make enough money to fulfill their desires, and then coping with the psychological ups and downs of either being able to get those desires met, or not. (Note: to learn more about this level of consciousness read the chapters in my book Becoming Human on Rebel Humanity, Conformist Humanity, and the Enforcers). 

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