The TechniquesNow that we are more familiar with Bailey’s Ten Groups, Evolutionary Names, Chela Stages, and Initiations, how do we evolve from one level to the next? Bailey shares a number of ways to do this including something she calls her “Techniques” which are listed in the chart above. What you see is that there are four main techniques which are: 1) Technique of Integration; 2) Technique of Fusion, 3) Technique of Duality, 4) Technique of Unity. You also see that the Technique of Integration has four sub-stages: 1) Integration Phase, 2) Alignment Phase, 3) Crisis Phase, and 4) Light Phase. The Technique of Fusion (also known as the Technique of Transmutation) has two sub-stages: 1) Revelation Phase, 2) Fusion Phase. Let’s look briefly at these various techniques now.


The Technique of Integration involves becoming what Bailey calls an Integrated Personality. Before we are an Integrated Personality we find it difficult to fulfill most of our desires. Our inability to handle our physical bodies or environment well, our lack of vital energy or resources, our triggered emotional states, and our cloudy mental thoughts get in the way of our being able to manifest fully whatever we want. The first step most of us have on the spiritual path is to become integrated. This requires learning to get our basic money/security needs met, usually achieved as we become emotionally stable and mentally trained enough to function relatively well in our immediate environments. At first this means we become conformists — conforming to the norms that familial, societal, religious, and cultural systems prescribe for us to follow.

Eventually, we get to a point where we have a relatively fit body, enough vital energy, a decent amount of control over our emotions, and a mind trained with enough information to master a particular area of knowledge, that we are even more able to get the money, security, and resources we need to fulfill our desires. As we integrate more internally, we likewise figure out how to integrate more into the outer world by learning to influence the people around us to help us get what we want. The more successful we are at this outer and inner integration the more we become what Bailey calls the “cream of humanity,” or to use a popular term from today, we become a “Master of the Universe” capable now of satisfying almost any desire we wish.


As we become more and integrated (internally within ourselves and externally in the outer world), at first we do this in a separative, selfish, egotistical, and possibly even dictatorial way possibly even making us sociopathic if these tendencies are not brought into check. This leads us to the next phase known as “alignment.” The alignment phase of the Technique of Integration is when the Integrated Personality first aligns with the Soul. Typically this alignment is seen as a need to participate in humanitarian like endeavors. At first these humanitarian endeavors are still motivated by a fair amount of selfishness. For example, billionaires and millionaires may give money and set up foundations primarily as a way to get tax shelters, to be perceived as brilliant people solving humanities problems, to get themselves in the history books, to pacify public anger about their wealthy status, to get their names on buildings, to get publicity for their generous acts, and to some small degree ameliorate inside some existential angst so they no longer feel bad about their own greed.

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