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The next major term to become familiar with involves something known as the Egoic Lotus in the Bailey model. Sometime this is also referred to as the “causal body” — the body of causes, but in this book I am going to retain the Egoic Lotus title. For starters, the word “egoic” and the word “ego” do not mean selfish as they do in our modern times. In fact, in the 1910’s when the Bailey model was first presented, the word ego meant something very different than it does today. The word “ego” as Bailey and others of her generation used it, had more to do with having an individualized sense of self. And, her Ego was actual spiritual in nature, not selfish at all. In fact, Bailey’s word Ego is very similar today to how most people would use the word Soul. The Ego, or Soul, is increasingly spiritual and selfless in nature. The personality is more separative and selfish. As you can see then, our modern usage of the word ego as selfish, corresponds to Bailey’s word personality, and not to her word Ego at all.

The first major spiritual goal in the Bailey model then is to become what is known as the “soul infused personality.” This takes place as the Egoic Lotus, or “soul flower” slowly unfolds. The lotus is a flower often used in Eastern spirituality. In Western spirituality they frequently pick a rose. The important thing to understand about this “soul flower” is that it has twelve petals that represent twelve stages of “soul” development taking you through the three stages I talked about in a previous chapter that I have wrote about more extensively in my books Becoming Human, Becoming Soul and Becoming Spirit. In other words as each petal opens up you become more “soul-like” or “soul-full.” In Bailey’s words you become an Integrated Personality and then a Soul-Infused Personality, until the twelve petals are all unfolded and the Egoic Lotus disappears, because all the development stages have been worked through and are no longer the emphasis of human or soul development. Other stages beyond the human now come into manifestation as we become less human, less soul, and more Spirit.

egoic lotus3

Looking at the chart of the Egoic Lotus above you will notice that the petals associated with the Egoic Lotus have been given colors. To let you know the colors shown here associated with the different petals were all officially given out by Bailey herself. As you can see each petal has numerous colors associated with it. As for the petals themselves they are all given names in the Alice Bailey system. The names are as follows:

  1. Three Knowledge Petals. A) Knowledge/Knowledge petal, B) Knowledge/Love petal, and the C) Knowledge/Sacrifice petal.
  2. Three Love Petals. A) Love/Knowledge petal, B) Love/Love petal, and the C) Love/Sacrifice petal.
  3. Three Sacrifice Petals. A) Sacrifice/Knowledge petal, B) Sacrifice/Love petal, and the C) Sacrifice/Sacrifice petal.

The above makes nine petals total. Three more petals remain. These are the innermost petals that are illustrated in white in the chart on the Egoic Lotus above. These three petals have no official name, but they connect the Egoic Lotus up with the three aspects of the Spiritual Triad, which links to the Atmic, Buddhic and Manasic Planes. Finally, in the chart of the Egoic Lotus above you will see what looks like a black circle with a white star. This represents the connection of the Egoic Lotus to the Monadic Plane. The white star is also the “jewel at the heart of the lotus.” The jewel is said to represent the Monad.

Also, if you look at the Bailey chart presented again here, you can see that the Egoic Lotus or “soul flower” is located at the top three subplanes of the Mental Plane. These three subplanes are also placed above a dotted line on the chart since they are said to represent the higher levels of the mental plane instead of the lower levels (which cover the last four subplanes to the bottom of the mental plane).

Mental Plane

This division also shows how an entire new process of spiritual development is going on that is very different from the “eighteen subplanes” below that dotted line. (7 Physical subplanes + 7 Emotional subplanes + 4 of the Lower Mental subplanes = 18). These eighteen subplanes are said to belong to the realm of the personality, which again is more akin to what we would call “ego” today, because the person is becoming an  Integrated Personality and then starting the process of becoming spiritually awakened. In my books Becoming Human, Becoming Soul and Becoming Spirit, I look at these petals and their stages in more depth correlating them to the colors, the ten groups, the evolutionary names and more. For now, I will just give a basic overview of what these various petals of the Egoic Lotus stand for. That way you will have a general sense of what they are and why I have made the correlations with her other terms. Let’s give a brief summary of the various petals now.

Bailey Chart Highlighting Personality

Knowledge/Knowledge Petal For starters Bailey relates that the Knowledge petals, especially the Knowledge/Knowledge petal, primarily influences life on the physical plane. She states, “Through the breaking of the Law and the ensuing suffering the price of ignorance is paid and knowledge is achieved. This unfoldment is brought about through physical plane experience.” (Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 539). With this first symbolic petal we find that the consciousness of the human being is still a long ways from being Soul-infused. For this reason the laws of the Soul (that Bailey gives out in her book Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II) are consistently broken primarily because the consciousness is still too ignorant to recognize, comprehend, let alone follow those laws. Suffering ensues because we do not yet understand the “Souls” we really are, let alone know how to live as Souls. In my opinion, Bailey’s Groups One, Two, and mainly Three are associated with this Knowledge/Knowledge Petal as these three groups are so focused on simply gaining the “knowledge” of how to survive in the physical world so that they can get their basic physical needs of food, clothing, and shelter met.

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