Once again what we are seeing that the overall Bailey model is a process of humans evolving through three stages: 1) The stage I call Becoming Human. Bailey calls this stage, Individuation where we move through the various stages of becoming an Integrated Personality. Integrated Personalities learn to master the outer world of the five senses so that they can get their money/security, pleasure/sex, and power needs met. Eventually they become very successful at this, but they also become highly separative and selfish. At some point though, Integrated Personalities realize that despite all their efforts to distract themselves with money/security, pleasure/sex and power, they are still not truly happy. That is when they are ready for the next phase. 2) What I call Becoming Soul, is in Bailey’s words the process of going through Initiation. Initiation is when we recognize what exists beyond the realms of the five senses. We begin to embody the qualities and values of soul life. At first we do this in an individual way, then a group way. Bailey’s rules come into play here starting with the rules that prepare the person for what Bailey calls the First Initiation that is akin to an individual enlightenment experience. 3) After we go through the process of individual enlightenment another shift takes place. Now we must in my worlds shift into Becoming Spirit. Here the focus on you as an enlightened individual drops away and an even greater sense of inclusiveness and expansion occurs as the realization of “Self/Soul/Unity Consciousness” drops away in favor of group consciousness. And, here is where Bailey’s next set of rules come into play.


Again as one starts on the spiritual path and progresses through the Alice Bailey system, we are  also gives a set of “rules” for spiritual growth and development to guide us. The first set of rules is found in her book Initiation: Human and Solar. The fourteen rules listed here are for those who are more at the start of the path and pertain mostly to individuals. As mentioned in the paragraph above, when followed they help one achieve the First Initiation, or first expansion of consciousness, that puts one in contact with their Souls, or their own Egoic Lotus. The second set of rules are found in the book Rays and the Initiations. The fourteen rules listed here pertain mainly to groups and not individuals. Yes, individuals can and do benefit from these more advanced rules. But, the reason they pertain mainly to groups, is because by this stage of spiritual development the individual is now said to be entering into “group consciousness.” “Enlightenment” or “initiation” is no longer viewed as an individual process. Why? Because one of the main shifts that happens as we move towards Becoming Spirit is recognizing that even a highly evolved spiritual being cannot do it alone. Jesus had his Apostles. They constituted a group.  Buddha had his immediate followers and creating his spiritual sangha (or community).  They constituted a group. Only a group of individuals (Soul-infused personalities) can help to bring in what Bailey calls the “kingdom of God” or those who are able to bring a “new heaven” (the next step in human evolution) to Earth. Yes a group may have a leader as a major source of inspiration, but it is the group that help radical change actually happen. Bailey’s next set of rules found in her book Rays & the Initiations, demonstrate then how a group can best work along spiritual lines to help the next evolution of the human race come about on Earth. In essence then there are fourteen rules in each book making twenty-eight rules total. (Note: As the intention of this book is to simply summarize Bailey’s model I will not discuss these rules in depth. Please read the Bailey books mentioned above in this paragraph, or refer to my books Becoming Soul and Becoming Spirit if you want to get further insights).

To let you know the word “rules” can throw one off a bit. Going back to Bailey’s idea of Ten Evolutionary Groups, we see that different stages of human evolution will view rules in different ways. Group Three will tend to rebel against rules, often to their detriment. Group Four, will conform to various rules, but too often fail to question them. Group Five will not only follow rules, they tend to enforce them, especially those that benefit them, while opposing those that don’t. Group Six, will not only tend to break rules, they make the rules, but these rules are still designed to help them fulfill their selfish and materialistic desires. As we get to Group Seven, the group where Bailey’s first rules found in Initiation: Human & Solar book apply, they may read and value the rules for soul development, but follow them in a spotty way. Finally, Groups 8 to 10 tend to value the rules that Bailey lays down in both her books simply because they have come to see the value of these rules as they apply in their daily lives as guidelines to help ensure spiritual growth with the least amount of difficulty and the most amount of benefit, making the spiritual path and expansion of consciousness that much easier, and that much less of a struggle.  These “rules” then are intelligently followed as recommendations, much in the same way you would follow “rules” for a good diet to help you stay physically fit.


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