Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & the Emotional Plane

An example of how entrenched human beings are within the Emotional Plane can be seen in the now famous Hierarchy of Needs by the well-known modern day psychologist Abraham Maslow. Looking at his pyramid of needs we find the physiological needs, the safety and security needs, the love and belonging needs (which are really about tribal security and acceptance more than about real love), and the self-esteem needs (which are really more about feeling good about yourself because you feel empowered enough to get your pleasure and lower needs met).

Even the so called Self-Actualization needs could be lumped into the Emotional Plane, since what most people call the self, is really what Bailey calls the Integrated Personality. The Integrated Personality is someone who has reached the top subplanes of the Emotional Plane allowing him or her to actualize (or fulfill) all of what the self (or personality) wants in the way of money, pleasure, and power. As we will learn in this book most of humanity lives within the middle subplanes of the Emotional Plane and are not yet Integrated Personalities. That means most of humanity acts as the famous atheist and professor Richard Dawkins describes in his book The Selfish Gene claiming that humans are pretty much programmed to act only within their selfish interests. In their growing selfishness and ambition they strive to become “Masters of the Universe” so they can fulfill their desires without feeling guilty about anyone or anything stopping them. Even with those who claim to be spiritual who are on the Emotional Plane, they primarily placate God, barter with God, or try to please God enough so eventually they can become “Masters of the Universe” or God-like in regards to satisfying all their desires themselves.

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