I, We, Its.

I (Me, My) = First Person = I have had satori, enlightenment, ground of all being

We (Us) = Second Person = We have had it (more than one of us)….  This “group” moves into Second Initiation.

Its = Third Person = So many of us have had it we agree it exists.

Are the spokes (parts) real?  Or the wheel (systems) real? Integral stops asking what is the relationship and just says they all go together.  So many try to say only one quadrant is real and the others are not.

Levels equals = Growing Up  (Bailey’s Ten Evolutionary Group)

Showing Up = All Four Quadrants

Opening Up = States = First person direct immediate experience (What is experienced has to be evaluated according to level).  Gross (waking), Subtle (meditation and dreams, lucid dreaming), Casual (Deep dreamless sleep, vast formless awareness). These are different levels of samadhi.  Mystical union, oneness with Divine only proven by 1st person. Which is ONLY Bailey’s 1st Initiation. Witness state = radical freedom, not identified from any specific thing. Emotional content is ananda or blissful, ecstatic. Free from everything that is arising. Pure unified awakening. We don’t stand back witnessing everything, we become one with it all. (Monadic)  Pure loving oneness, no longer see the mountain, I am the mountain.  (I had this BUT it is not maintained). That is the growing up initiation experience.

Cleaning Up = Shadow work = Bailey’s cleavages! Can I recognize facts about myself without lying about myself. Not lying to yourself and friends.

Mythic = Slavery legal until mythic times.  150 yrs ago to figure out one human being owning another human being is not a nice thing.

Gebser = borrowed from Bailey, Theosophy

Nine intelligences (robot Sophia)

  • Moral
  • Interpersonal
  • Musical
  • Intrapersonal