Looking at the various possible features of Group Two and its comparisons to Theosophy and Integral we increasingly get a sense that we are coming closer to who we are now as modern humanity. As with Group One, Group Two is looking to master its physical environment, but mainly attempts it through “magical means.”  This level of consciousness seems to be recapitulated (gone through again) by human beings at the Group One level, while they are in the mother’s womb and during infancy. The Group Two level is recapitulated from infancy up to about five years old. Especially around two to three years old we find the same kind of impulsive and reactive emotional nature Group Two is said to possess. We also see that magical beliefs start to dominante, and when the individual does not feel he/she possesses enough magical agency, “magicians” are brought in who are believed to possess the right kind of magic to help one feel more safe and secure as he or she finally gets basic needs met.

Finally, even though this type of thinking was said to have gone by the wayside thousands of years ago, beyond the notion of recapitulation of young children going through this earlier developmental stage, it might be argued that under high levels of chronic abuse or stress, human beings can also regress temporarily to these ancient stages. Perhaps this is one reason why Lemurian consciousness is still thought to be with us, even though many might assume it disappeared long ago. On a final note, we shall see that in the Alice Bailey system her stages tend to have a cyclic aspect to them. That is why we will see aspects of Group Two re-emerge at Bailey’s Group Seven where the tendency to slip into a belief in magical powers re-emerges, to hopefully be integrated at a whole new level of the spiral.

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