In regards to a more complete understand of how the Integral model compares to the Bailey model this will happen primarily in the coming chapters as we look at the subplanes of the Mental Plane. For now, I would simply like to put up a chart that is supposed to be from Integral, which I found on the Internet that as you can see has a number of headers that I would like to make some quick reference to.

As I do not have time in this brief summary to go through this chart in detail, I would like to just make some general comments. To begin with, as I demonstrated in my book Becoming Human, according to the Bailey model, most of chart above would apply more to developmental stages on Bailey’s Emotional Plane than on her Mental Plane. That is because as you will see throughout the rest of this book, Integral’s Teal, Turquoise, and Indigo mainly fit within Bailey’s 7th to 5th subplanes of the Mental Plane, or her Plane of the Lower Mind. This might seem confusing as you look at the Integral chart and see listed words like “Planet-centric,” “Kosmic-centric,” “Divine Heart, Divine Vision, or Divine Mind.” That would make you think that you were at least within Bailey’s Divine Plane, also known as the Adi Plane. But, as you will see what Bailey means by “Planetary, Kosmic and Divine” is not at all the same thing as Integral believes these to be, especially since the higher planes of the Bailey model are considered “Beyond Human” meaning any being who resides at these levels is no longer considered to be in human form.

According to the Bailey model only a planet as a whole (known as a Planetary Logos) can really have Planetary consciousness. Only a Kosmos as a whole can have Kosmic consciousness and so forth. Humans can glimpse this, but cannot fully contain it. As you go up the Bailey model this produces a growing sense of humility and a recognition that though it is easy to talk about being centered in Divine Mind, participating in Divine Vision, working to liberate all beings and so on in the way Integral puts it, it is very difficult to actually live that way. Finally, whether you believe there is such a thing as a mayavirupa or not, according to Bailey and Theosophical traditions, this is created on the Intuitional or Buddhic plane, in addition to a lot of other spiritual development. So, beginning proof that you are even on the Intuitional/Buddhic plane in her model, means that you can create a mayavirupa at will at anytime and project it anywhere you want. Clearly, already something non-human is taking place here if you can do that. If you can’t, then if you follow the Bailey model you need to give up your hubris and recognize that you may not be as spiritually evolved as you think you are. You also need to recognize, which is something Integral seems to struggle with, that a human being, even an enlightened one, is not at the center of the universe something the chapters to come in this book will clearly demonstrate.

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