This post introduces the reader to the idea of Six Stages of Discipleship as talked about in the Ageless Wisdom teachings and sets the foundation for posts to come giving greater detail on each stage and how Integral ideas relate to them.

In the Ageless Wisdom teachings by Alice A. Bailey there are said to be six stages of discipleship that represent six stages of spiritual growth. These stages are:

  1. Little Chelaship
  2. Chela in the Light
  3. Accepted Discipleship
  4. Chela on the Thread
  5. Chela Within the Aura
  6. Chela Within the Master’s Heart.

To help us understand these stages I am drawing correlations of them with both other terms used in the Alice Bailey teachings, as well as terms used in the Integral teachings promoted by primarily Ken Wilber.  Please see the chart below.

Levels and Terms

To let you know I am not entirely settled on where these stages go because they do not fit so neatly together.  For example, the first stage of Little Chelaship in the Ageless Wisdom teachings is said to be equated with the 1st Initiation (enlightenment experience or major expansion of consciousness).  And, the 1st Initiation is said to be related primarily to Group 8. In the next post as I write more extensively about Little Chelaship you will see that it has a lot to do with Integral Green.  I have blended elements of Green in with Teal in the chart above to try to indicate this.  Still, things are not so simple, so for now please see this chart as something that may become more clarified in the future.  Also, if you have different opinions about what i write, your thoughts are welcome.

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