My original blog post on Who Is Alice Bailey’s Tibetan shared within it a photo that some believed to be Alice Bailey’s Tibetan and a drawing of that photo from a woman named Annie Gowland. Over the years many people have debated if that photo IS Alice Bailey’s Tibetan and not a “good likeness” of her Tibetan, as Alice Bailey claimed it was. New evidence seems to validate that it is only a likeness and not the Tibetan. The evidence sent to me along these lines came in a series of forwarded Emails that have been re-posted in this blog post. As for the debate about who Alice said her Tibetan was, please visit the original Who Is Alice Bailey’s Tibetan? post.

THE EMAIL INFORMATION SENT TO ME… A dialogue between Gvido Trepsa, Director of the Nicholas Roerich museum and a fellow disciple whose name has not been included in this public post. These emails were published in this blog post by permission.

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