This post helps familiarize those who are unaware of it regarding the nature of what is known as the Egoic Lotus, which is used in the Alice Bailey model, with it’s twelve symbolic stages of spiritual growth. The information in this post is just a brief overview.

Alice Bailey and the Egoic Lotus

The Egoic Lotus is said to have twelve petals, each symbolizing a stage (or level) of growth.  These twelve petals are grouped into four categories with three petals each.

egoic lotus2

NOTE:  4/1/2020 The information related to this post has been extended. For a better and more extensive overview of the Egoic Lotus petals go here

The categories are listed below with a brief explanation of each using quotes from Michael Robbins in brackets and italics:

  1. Knowledge Petals – Here we gain knowledge of the three lower worlds (mental, emotional, but especially of the physical realm). Someone at this level “can be very intelligent in a wordly sense, but has no real notion of the higher or inner self.” Michael Robbins, Egoic Lotus Seminar Commentaries, I (around 16:00)
  2. Love Petals – At this stage the pairs of opposites representing the personality and the soul are introduced. Here one begins to be aware of his/her higher nature.  This also correlates to the development of the astral (emotional) body at a higher more refined level. (Paraphrasing of Michael Robbins, Egoic Lotus Seminar Commentaries, I (around 16:30)
  3. Sacrifice Petals – We are now “Into the process of initiation technically understood. And, then the soul, or the higher self, or higher power, or whatever people want to call it, the inner God is an established reality in the consciousness of the individual and his attention is now turned to the development of the higher pairs of opposites and seeing to the possibility that it’s energy can and will permeate the lower life.” Michael Robbins, Egoic Lotus Seminar Commentaries, I (around 17:00) As one enters into the sacrifice petals Robbins states one begins the 1st initiation, where they enter the 5th kingdom of nature, or kingdom of souls. (Note: Initiations are expansions of consciousness and as one enters the 5th kingdom, or kingdom of souls, he/she takes a quantum leap into a whole new way of being, similar to what Integral calls 2nd teir).
  4. Synthesis Petals – Unification of knowledge and development occurs. By the time the 4th initiation the synthesis petals are completely unfolded. (Paraphrasing of Michael Robbins, Egoic Lotus Seminar Commentaries, I (around 17:30)
  5. Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus – The central fire at the center of the lotus that is multi-faceted and radiates like a jewel. (Paraphrasing of Michael Robbins, Egoic Lotus Seminar Commentaries, I (around 17:45)

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