The word Chela on the Thread involves continuity of consciousness. The more the “thread” becomes a “cable” the more accurate the impressions received from the inner realms. But, how do we know this thread is being turned into a cable? How do we know the impressions we are receiving are from the Buddhic plane (Wilber’s Ultraviolet and beyond), or from lower levels? This post attempts to explore some means by which we can make that assessment. 

Before attempting this post I took a few months off to do some more extensive research. I wanted to verify some of my impressions before writing and so I delved back into Tibetan Buddhism for insights and clues. What I am writing below is a proposal, not an assertion, regarding what I have discovered regarding the final requirements listed for Chela on the Thread stage spoken about in the Alice Bailey books. They correspond somewhat to what Wilber talks about in needing to navigate more the subtle realms as one shifts increasingly into what he calls Ultraviolet and Clear Light realms (which are not defined well by Integral at all).  As usual to orient ourselves I am posting my chart on Terms.


In the mystical tradition of Islam known as Sufism, they often say that we continue to remember and then forget who we really are.  This gap is also talked about in the Ageless Wisdom tradition as a failure to build the antahkarana or “rainbow bridge” that allows us to remain conscious of who we really on a 24/7/365 basis so that we no longer fall back into the feeling of individual isolation and separation.

In many ways the first “leap” over this gap happens at what is known as the first initiation (or expansion of consciousness). It is here many people experience mystical experiences of Oneness that typically don’t last. This state experience tends to sinks back down into more of a memory of what happened, instead of a continual realization of one’s true identity as “suchness,” “emptiness,” “Oneness,” “Unity consciousness” and so forth. And, typically this state experience happens through an act of grace.

In the Ageless Wisdom teachings beyond this first initiation a long and often laborious process begins of attempting to stabilizing this realization 100% of the time. When one reaches that level of mastery one has passed what is known as the fifth initiation not even listed on the chart above. Long before that, one begins the active process especially during the second initiation of building that “bridge” or “cable.” Here self-initiated effort is required that requires as I have been showing in these posts: the dispelling of glamours; a true understanding of psychic powers and how they look differently on the various levels of spiritual growth and initiation; a deeper cultivation of love; the ability to work more cooperatively in groups to achieve group resonance; and a clear understanding of the how to correctly utilize the science of contact and impression free from the multitude of glamours that are often associated with channeling.

Which leads me to another point which I have been exploring in more detail the past few months when I took a break from this blog.  To the Integral world they talk somewhat about the mastery of the subtle bodies. (See my post on Bodies here). In Tibetan Buddhism they also speak about mastering subtle realms. How is this done? Primarily through the practice of conscious sleep, conscious dreaming, and the beginning process of preparing for conscious death. Being able to exit and enter the body consciously and with continuity is also mentioned both in the teachings by Alice Bailey (primarily in the compliation known as Death: The Great Adventure) and in the writings of Lucille Cedercrans (in her book Nature of the Soul). Some information on conscious dreaming and mastery of the subtle realms can also be found in the books by Alice Bailey titled Esoteric Psychology II and also Esoteric Healing.

Why I am mentioning all of this here in regards to the Chela on the Thread stage (Integral’s Violet/Indigo) is because I feel the tasks of conscious sleep, conscious dreaming, and conscious dying are additional preoccupations at this phase. Why? Because to be on the “thread” is to be able to contact the “Master” either as ones true spiritual teacher on the Buddhic (not the astral) planes. And I am asserting that this cannot be done unless one begins to demonstrate both clarity as the difference between astral and buddhic impressions, as well as shows one has the beginnings of conscious control along these lines.

In making this assertion I realize I am upping the stakes of what it means to be at the Chela on the Thread and therefore possibly the Integral Violet/Indigo stages. But, if the Chela on the Thread is starting to consciously build that bridge (not just leap over it through an act of grace), then a conscious steady process is required to retain memory of who one really is as the soul (Master, Monad, Self, Suchness, Emptiness, etc) throughout every moment of one’s manifest existence. Only then can one move forward into what is known as the 3rd Initiation in the Alice Bailey teachings where one becomes a Chela in the Aura, which may be akin to Integral’s Ultraviolet and Clear Light stages as well.

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