This post greatly expands the comparison of levels used by the Integral system in order to fit it with the Ageless Wisdom tradition and the levels it uses, which were created nearly 100 years ago. Both additional levels and new colors were added to the Integral (and Spiral Dynamics) systems in order to make this comparison possible.

In the Ageless Wisdom teachings there are 49 levels related to spiritual growth and development. Of these 33 stages are gone through before we reach what might be considered Buddhahood or Christ Consciousness. And there are 21 stages after that for a total of 54! Yet, in the Integral system we have only 12 levels described, making an effort to fit these two systems together a bit daunting. Understanding this, I will continue to attempt in this blog to put these two systems together.

At this point in order to make the comparison more complete I have actually had to add both levels and colors to the Integral system that they themselves are not aware of and may not agree with. I have done this because there is no way to correlate based upon the limitations of their current system. To begin with please consider the charts I have just created. As you do so focus on the colors. To the right is the Integral map. It currently has eleven levels and colors associated with them. To the right is the Ageless Wisdom map and my latest version of it with colors I have inserted. I have fourteen colors (fifteen if you consider white as related to all the white on the Ageless Wisdom map in the Buddhic plane and above and associate them in a general way to Integral’s Clear Light represented as white). What I want you to see first is how I am fitting all of Integral’s current levels within primarily the levels of the Emotional and Mental planes of the Ageless Wisdom map. To help you see the levels I have created on the Ageless Wisdom map I have added in a larger view of it titled Levels and Terms.





Now that you have a general sense of where I am fitting in the Integral model into the Ageless Wisdom model, in the next post I will detail more the two models side by side looking mainly at the new “colors” I have added of Salmon, Pumpkin, Mustard, Yellow, and Lime and what they mean spiritually and developmentally.