This post summarizes the most surprising discoveries that became apparent to me when compiling the material for Book One: Becoming Human.

Organizing the material to write this book has been very enlightening. Even though I have been studying the Ageless Wisdom and Integral teachings for decades I now have a much clearer picture of some very important points that I would like to discuss below.

  1. We need to become fully human, before we become fully spiritual. Why? Because according to both the Ageless Wisdom and Integral teachings in order to be fully spiritual we need to master the steps of being fully human. Bailey calls this becoming an “Integrated Personality.” Integral would view this as getting to “Orange.” Being fully human means knowing how to integrate and master your physical, emotional, and mental bodies in such a way you can be effective in the world. Why are so many spiritual people ineffective? There are a number of reasons that my book Becoming Soul shares, but one reason is they have tried to do a “spiritual bypass” (to use a more Integral word), and created gaps or “cleavages” (to use an Ageless Wisdom word) that makes being in the world while not of the world difficult for too many people who seek to be spiritual.
  2. Chutes and LaddersWe do not grow in a step by step manner. We play “Chutes and Ladders.” These gaps in development mean that we may have strengths in some areas, but weaknesses in others. This is not the same thing as what Integral likes to call developing along different “lines” (creative, moral, relational, etc). It is more like developmental stages of growth. Everyone has to go through these stages. But, very few people do this in a step by step manner without gaps in development happening. When stress occurs we seemingly “regress” and have to do the “shadow work” (an Integral word), or heal the “cleavages” (an Ageless Wisdom word). That means we go up and down much like the Chutes and Ladders game. (See my article on Filling the Gaps in Spiritual Development).
  3. Humanity is overwhelmingly on the Emotional Plane. There are many quotes in the Bailey model that state this. Humanity is primarily astral (emotional) in nature and kama-manasic (desire-mind). What this means is that humanity is mainly emotionally reactive and full of desire primarily for money, pleasure, and power.  If you read my book (and then look out into the world) this becomes abundantly clear. In Integral they say humanity is mainly Amber, or Amber-Expert. In the Bailey model the claim is made that most people are in Group Five (Integral’s Amber-Expert) and Group Four (Integral’s Amber) of Bailey’s Ten Groups.
  4. Most human beings do not yet have a “mind” in the way the Ageless Wisdom (and even Integral) would define it. In fact, one of the things that became so clear to me is how Piaget’s ideas of cognitive development that include what is known as concrete thinking and even abstract thinking, are located on what the Ageless Wisdom would call the Emotional (and not the Mental) Plane. (See my chapters on the Emotional Plane and the Mental Plane).
  5. Concrete mind and abstract mind are not what most people think they are. When the Ageless Wisdom model talks about the Mental Plane and higher and lower mind, people are used to higher mind as being the equivalent of abstract mind and lower mind as being the equivalent of concrete mind. This is not truly the case as my book Becoming Soul reveals. (This book looks at spiritual development as you move up the Mental Plane in the Bailey system). In fact, it is proven that most human beings have concrete mind developing at age 7 and abstract mind developing at age 12. When the Ageless Wisdom system talks about abstract and concrete mind I have learned they mean something much more than what most people understand when they hear the words “abstract and concrete mind.” The Integral model has been solving this by talking about Global Mind, Meta Mind, Overmind, Supermind as different from Piaget’s cognitive stages (which includes concrete and abstract mind). However, when you look at Bailey’s model closely you see it is doing the same thing as Integral, but the terms have not been defined in as clear cut a manner. (See my chapters on the Emotional Plane and the Mental Plane).
  6. Lemurians and Atlanteans are still around. But, please don’t confuse this with the ancient cities and races of Lemuria and Atlantis. The Bailey books are referring to levels of consciousness, which by the way most of humanity is Atlantean in nature (meaning their main point of consciousness is on the Emotional Plane). (Also see a summary of these here).
  7. Aryan consciousness is just beginning. No Bailey is not talking about Hitler, or is she? You see one of the things the Ageless Wisdom teachings state is that humanity is just now become Integrated Personalities, which tend to be mainly selfish, separative, and atheistic. The Integrated Personalities that make up Aryan consciousness have more mind than emotions, but not enough true heart yet. This movement into mind more than kama-manas (emotional desire mind) is a good step, but it could get quite ugly. Worse, humanity has thousands of years ahead itself to grow into this level. That is why (according to the Ageless Wisdom teachings) it is so important to get the “New Group of World Servers” (made up of “Aspirants, Disciples, and some Initiates” in Bailey’s language) in place in the world to help mitigate the worst effects that could come about from the development of Aryan consciousness. Otherwise, we will have a world wide “kurushetka” or war, like we have never seen before. The two World Wars in the 1900’s are only a prelude of what could come due to the rise of the increasingly mentally powerful (in a kama manasic way), human race. Integral has a similar idea to what Bailey states when they assert that we need 10% of humanity to be Integral in order to avoid the worst case scenarios from emerging.
  8. Integral lacks a crucial step in their model.  To learn more read my book. I spent a lot of time showing how Integral jumps from Red to Amber to Orange to Green and misses a crucial stage that Bailey includes, namely that of the Integrated Personality, which is not Red, Amber, Orange, or Green but something else. Understand the Bailey model better and you will no longer view someone like Donald Trump as “Red” as Integral does. And, you will get a much clearer picture of what is going on around us and where humanity may really be headed.
  9. Overwhelmingly most of humanity is not really on the spiritual path, even those who call themselves “spiritual and not religious.” True all of us are spiritual at our core. We are all sparks of Spirit. But, we have not unfolded or realized those sparks fully. In fact, we have barely started to do so. As you will see in the Bailey model most spiritual Aspirants are still on the Emotional (Astral) Plane. (I have a number of quotes where Bailey states this in the book I wrote). To really become spiritual according to the Ageless Wisdom model is a much more complex process, which I reveal even more in my upcoming book Becoming Soul. In short, humanity has a long, long ways to go.
  10. The Bailey books are more relevant and futuristic than I ever imagined. Just because they were written about 100 years ago, does not make them out of date. In fact, I am increasingly astounded at how much they are not only relevant but full of revelation about how human and spiritual consciousness unfolds.
  11. Bailey’s books really do make sense if you understand her terms better. Even though I have read most of her books at least five times, having the list of terms handy that I put together, makes it so much easier to understand what the heck she is talking about. In fact, at this point I have even written the book The Spiritual Human to help people get familiar with the many terms Bailey uses).
  12. Integral still has a long ways to go to catch up to Bailey’s model. What can I say? Read the book that for a short time will be free on my blog. Then read the Bailey books, which hopefully make a lot more sense to you because of the work I have been doing. And, even though Integral has yet to catch up to the Bailey model and its main ideas, it is getting there, which points out a really interesting thing… maybe this stuff is real!  Maybe this is how human beings really do develop and become spiritual. Otherwise, how are two very different systems coming up with a lot of similar conclusions?

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