This video begins the process of describing Group Six, one of the Ten Evolutionary Groups proposed by a woman named Alice Bailey. Group Six is broken into two stages: The Materialists and The Aspirants. This video focuses on Stage One, The Materialists. The video relies heavily on quotes from the Bailey material and I feel shows how in fact this emerging group, Group Six, is starting to dominate our planet for better or worse.

About half way through the video the focus shifts to wards showing how much of what Bailey wrote about Group Six one hundred years ago, is reflected by the philosophy of Objectivism put forward by a woman named Ayn Rand that is increasingly dominating our world. The video ends by letting us know how at the end of the Group Six Materialist stage we have a choice to move towards the “dark side of the force” or move to the “light side” (something Bailey calls choosing the left or right hand paths), and hopefully we make the right choice. This video was produced and narrated by Dr. Lisa Love. The majority of photos in this video were purchased for use from

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