This video shows how the fundamentalist view of Christianity believes God is making world wide destruction happen to prevent a male political figure from convincing people to be tolerant of global trade, other religions, the United Nations and women being equal to men. The esoteric view reveals how the False Prophet is really someone who manipulates others into going against their own interests by stirring up their emotional fears, hatreds and reactions blocking their capacity to develop their higher minds and intuition so they can see the truth. Then the False Prophet can enslave people while putting themselves into authoritarian rule over them. The esoteric view shows how St. John is also saying that world wide destruction is made by humans when we seek to dominate women and the Earth instead of learn to love and be at-one with them. Only by purifying and sacrificing our negative ways of being can we really have the “Celestial Virgin and sacrificial Lamb” wed and make a New Jerusalem, or “heaven on Earth.”