If you have followed the Integral model like I have — I started in the 1980’s starting with Spectrum of Consciousness — then you are aware (as Tami Simon expressed in her Sounds True interview with Ken Wilber) that the optimistic model of everything going up and getting better and better since Integral Red, may not be an accurate perspective.

Compared to the model put forward by Alice A. Bailey starting in the 1920’s, that is correct. For another perspective on how this is just not about “modernity vs red” (from an Integral point of view), but how humanity is evolving into a stage where separateness, selfishness, and an inclination towards dictatorship may become more (not less) the norm in the coming future, I am sharing once more the video above. To put the video in context, I also want to share that in Bailey’s Externalization of the Hierarchy (written in the 1940’s), it outlines how the number one difficulty humanity must confront in our coming future is Totalitarianism. At some point I will review that idea in greater detail with another post.

But, in general the pull between autocracy and democracy (that is going on between Ukraine and Russia (that most people thought would end after World War II), was talked about in Externalization of the Hierarchy as most likely happening again (which by the way it was stated the main aggression would come out of Russia, though other countries, including the United States, were talked about as being at risk for becoming autocratic). Why is this happening? Because the model used in the Bailey books predicts that it will happen according to the stage humans are in from an evolutionary perspective.

And, until we get enough people no longer in Bailey’s Group 5 (which matches Integral’s Amber-Expert in general), and through the Group 6 Materialist stage of Bailey, these conflicts may happen again and again. To let you know the video above outlines how Integral’s Orange, does not match very well Bailey’s Group 6. (Though Wilber in his Religion of Tomorrow book seems to be tweaking Orange to be a little less “enlightened” and more prone to the problems that Bailey’s Group 6 experiences). Again to learn more watch the video above.

In conclusion, in my own mind I would like to believe that the Integral model where we are always on an upward arc spiritually is correct, and that after the Ukraine/Russia conflict is resolved for the better we might be in the clear. So far, that model does not seem to be matching the reality we see. The Bailey model matches that better. Sadly, that means humanity has a long ways to evolve. To get through it then we might need to use a model like Bailey’s, that does not put dictators back down to Integral Red, which puts them in a fading away mode of consciousness. Instead, we might have to understand the consciousness better of Group 5 and Group 6 in Bailey’s model, to know in a more realistic way, how to help humanity get through what could be a very difficult future, in the least painful way.