After two more years I have decided to release the latest version of the Master Chart of Bailey terms I have used on this blog. For six years now I have been updating it. Read on to learn about changes that were made and where future tweaks may happen.

To begin with in this chart I have left the colors that I added in (this idea is not in the Bailey books) to illustrate the various subplanes, but I have deleted the color names. I never liked them and prefer to use the phrase “Groups” instead of the color idea that was first put forward in Spiral Dynamics in the Integral community.

Second, I spent a year doing videos and getting an in-depth understanding of the Rules for the First Initiation (the Path or Probation or Path of Purification) as it has also been called. This helped me get a great deal more clarity on where these rules fit in with the various stages of initiation.

Third, every initiation in the Bailey books is said to have three parts. The Preparation Stage, the Initiation Stage, and the Integration Stage. To honor those distinctions this chart now has them included.

Fourth, upon more careful research I found text that indicates how the phrase Accepted Discipleship covers both parts of the 1st Initiation and parts of the 2nd Initiation. So I have adjusted the chart above to illustrate what I believe this means. I feel it includes the later part of the 1st Initiation (the Integration stage) and the Preparation stage of the 2nd Initiation.

Fifth, based on my deeper understanding now of the Rules for the First Initiation (found in Initiation: Human and Solar), I have re-assigned them. I have also done this for the Rules for the Second Initiation (found in the book Rays and Initiation). Though I am pretty confident where they belong, these may change in the future.

Sixth, an explanation of the phrases Lemurian, Atlantean, and Aryan (a word that has nothing to do with how Nazi’s used it. Rather it means people that are more mentally polarized versus emotional). People who are part of the Theosophy tradition are used to thinking the Lemurian race is long behind us, as are the Atlanteans. The “race” may be, but according to the Bailey books the consciousness is not. Though there are very few people who have Lemurian consciousness (where the focus is on learning how to use the physical body well and who are barely able to survive in the world because their consciousness is so undeveloped), the Bailey books state very clearly that the overwhelming majority of humanity is “Atlantean” in consciousness. What is that consciousness? It is steeped in desire, focused outwardly in the world of the five senses, and driven primarily by their emotional impulses and not their minds. They also tend to have anthropomorphic and exoteric views of Divinity. And, they tend to be more tribal in consciousness.

Even those in Group 6 (that I have broken into two sections, Group Six Materialists and Group Six Aspirants) who the Bailey books say are the new emerging group, are Atlantean in consciousness. Why do the Bailey books say this about them? Because as Integrated Personalities, they are still focused mainly on desire and what the world of the five senses can do for them! As a reminder those in Group 6 have mastered the outer material realm. In our world today they tend to be the “billionaires”, 1% (or 10%), or “multi-millionaire” class of people. Unlike those in Groups 3, 4 and 5, those in Group 6 have no problem getting all their desires met. But, despite how many people may consider them intelligent, the truth is they are still “kama-manas.” In short, their “manas” (minds or intelligence) are still dominated by “kama” (desire and emotional impulse). That means their minds are used to help them satisfy more and more and more of their desires, even when they have way more than they need and are heavy into greed. Witness people like Elon Musk who vacillates between Group 6 Materialist and Group 6 Aspirant to get an example of what I mean. At times he has Aspirational tendencies to help humanity. At other times he falls back into the Group 6 Materialist tendencies that are driven heavily by the selfishness that is the hallmark of the Integrated Personality.

As for Aryan consciousness? I need to find the reference again but essentially what the books say, I discovered, is that until we are truly mentally polarized, free from glamour and scientific in our way of being, we are not “Aryan” in our consciousness. This happens only when we are going through the Second Initiation (expansion of consciousness or enlightenment experience) and have purified our minds to free them of emotion and infuse them with love. That is why you don’t see the phrase “Aryan” showing up until the Second Initiation. Again, do not confuse these levels of consciousness that the Bailey books use with the “races” given in traditional Theosophy. In traditional Theosophy the Aryan “race” began when people began to have more of a mind. But, in the Bailey books that “mind” has to be freed from selfish desires. This is a big difference between how the word is used in these two traditions.

Seventh, when reviewing a compilation I made on all the Initiations 12 years ago, I discovered text that puts the Chela on the Thread and Chela in the Master’s Aura within the 2nd Initiation, not up in the 3rd Initiation that my previous charts showed. This chart has been altered to demonstrate this change and to make it more accurate.

Finally, as to where I feel more work needs to be done in the chart above. The main area I feel might need some tweaking still is the connection of the Petals of the Egoic (Soul) Lotus. Right now I feel fairly confident, but with the Bailey books who knows? There is always that one sentence somewhere that can send you back to the drawing board. Keeping this in mind I hope this helps you. It certainly has helped me as I go through yet another read-through of the Bailey books (note: I have read them ALL at least 5 times, some even more).

Love and light,