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The Heart’s Deep Cave – Rule One

These videos previously posted have been redone to make them shorter and even more clear. The rules provide guidelines that if followed will prevent problems from developing later on in our spiritual life. This rule focuses on the first step of approaching the spiritual path out of a sense of love for others, and not just for how it can benefit ourselves.

Ukraine/Russia & Why Integral’s Model May Be Flawed

If you have followed the Integral model like I have — I started in the 1980’s starting with Spectrum of Consciousness — then you are aware (as Tami Simon expressed in her Sounds True interview with Ken Wilber) that the optimistic model of everything going up and getting better and better since Integral Red, may not be an accurate perspective.

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Chains, Globes, Rounds – What Are Globes and Rounds

Get a simplified understanding of what globes and rounds are in the Theosophical system through the use of videos, animations, and a comprehensive explanation.

Chains, Globes, Rounds – What Are Chains?

In all honesty I never expected to go into this topic, but while writing my books about Groups 5 and 6, I began to understand that in order to understand their growth and evolution in the larger scheme of things, I needed to get a greater handle on this topic. I discovered it was horribly confusing. So after 4 months of slogging through 7 books on the topic, and endless hours moving things around in PowerPoint, I finally feel I have gotten a good grasp on the topic — in case you are interested.

Available for Discussion About Writings Here

Since 2016 I have been immersed in this blog continuing to understand and refine understandings of Theosophical and Integral models. Because I was focused on writing I didn’t want to be disturbed by publicizing it much, but I am ready to discuss the models I share on this website on podcasts if people wish me to. It is fine if it doesn’t happen as I am still writing, but I feel more and more confident about sharing if someone desires me too. Lisa

Revelation – Is it Really Taking Place?

The recent mega tornado moving through the United States once again makes one wonder, is Revelation (the apocalyptic book by St. John) and Armageddon really going on in our world? If all I had was the tendency to read things literally instead of symbolically, I might say yes, it appears so.

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Group 4: Conformist Humanity

The second largest human group, the book Group 4: Conformist Humanity examines what motivates most of the human family today based on their current level of consciousness.

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Our Galaxy: An Esoteric Look

With so many problems in the world, knowing more about our Galaxy helps to bring us perspective. This video provides visuals to help us get an “inside” versus an “outside” look at the Universe we live in.

Group 3: Tribal Humanity

An estimated 1/5 of human beings operate from the consciousness of Group 3. Learn more about this group and how it is influencing our world today.

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