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CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Group Five – Perfecting Their Craft

This post continues the discussion of Bailey’s Group Five, placed on the 4th subplane of the Emotional Plane and given the color of Amber. Some of the characteristics include: Perfecting a Craft and Difficulty Changing Their Conditioning.  A discussion of the Egoic Lotus petal associated with this group is also given along with the comparisons to the Integral Amber Expert stage.

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CHAPTER EIGHT: Group Two – Emotionally Naive, Instinctual Mind & Hyper-Sexuality

This chapter reviews some of the characteristics of Bailey’s Group Two and the development of what Bailey calls instinctual mind and hyper-sexuality. 

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Levels – Amber/Orange and Group 5

In this post we compare the Alice Bailey/Wisdom levels with those of Integral/Wilber. Here we step into the zone Integral calls Expert, which is a combination of their Amber and Orange and relate it to what Bailey calls Group Five.

In the Bailey teachings Group Five is said to be the largest group in terms of humanity’s consciousness. (Group Four is the next largest and Group Three the third largest), Orange (which is related to Group Six in the Bailey teachings) represents the level the masses are moving into.
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Levels – Amber and Group 4

This post moves on to compare the Alice Bailey/Wisdom levels and those of Integral/Wilber taking us into what Integral calls Amber and compares it with Bailey’s Group Four.

Said to be the largest segment of the world population by both the Alice Bailey teachings and those of the Integral movement, Amber is easily identifiable if you simply spend a short time surfing through hundreds of cable channels.  Understanding where most of humanity is at is very important if we are to help people move forward.
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