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CHAPTER EIGHT: Group Two – Emotionally Naive, Instinctual Mind & Hyper-Sexuality

This chapter reviews some of the characteristics of Bailey’s Group Two and the development of what Bailey calls instinctual mind and hyper-sexuality. 

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Levels – Magenta & Group 2

This post continues the series of comparisons between the Alice Bailey/Wisdom levels and those of Integral/Wilber taking us into what Integral calls Magenta and compares it with Bailey’s Group Two.

As mentioned before Alice Bailey lists 10 Groups of human beings in her book Esoteric Psychology, II (written in the 1930’s but completed and copyrighted in 1942).  These groups are extremely close to what is written about in the Integral community making me wonder if what is written about in Integral is even inspired at some point by what she taught.  In this post we will compare what is said about Group Two and the Magenta Integral level.

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