This post talks about the Stage of Discipleship known in the Alice Bailey teachings as Chela Within the Aura, which is related more to the 3rd Initiation (expansion of consciousness). The post also examines briefly how it may, or may not, fit with the Integral model.


As we move up the Alice Bailey model of development we get into realms that are harder and harder to articulate. We also run into more and more difficulties due to the tendencies of spiritual ambition and a lack of discernment and proportion regarding these upper levels of development. Too many people want to claim that they have already attained these higher spiritual states, when in truth they are a lot like children playing dress up, pretending they are at a stage of development which they are not. The necessary humility, as well as admiration and respect for what these levels entail is also lacking. For this reason it might be safe to say that those who claim to be at this stage of development are way more likely to not be at this level, than those who keep quiet.

Regarding the Integral model, as we reach these stages of development in the Alice Bailey system, there really is no parallel in the Integral model. Despite this I will be drawing from some material found within the Integral and Transpersonal communities to make some comparisons. Finally, regarding the chart I have created above, we are now dealing with the colors of Pastel Yellow, Chartruse, and possibly Lime in this system. (Note: I have zero attachment to these colors and their labels. The colors were chosen to parallel the chakra system and its traditional color associations, with an attempt to emphasize green colors as the primary colors of the Buddhic plane, which is thought to be the level where the true compassionate, Bodhisattva heart is expressed). You will also see the associations between the chart I have created above with the Spiral Dynamics and Integral models in the chart below. Please note, that I have put the upper levels of Integral in association with Pastel Yellow. So, thought there may be some overlap, as you will see that overlap between the two models is “thin” from this point forward.

Oval on Top of Comparative Models

Before I start then with a more detailed outline of the Chela in the Aura stage let me put what I believe to be a summary of the main developmental tasks.

  1. Solving the Problems of Humanity
  2. Equanimity and Increased Comprehension
  3. Contact with the Master
  4. Cooperation with Peers
  5. Altruistic and More Universal Love

Of the above the Spiral Dynamics and Integral systems focus mainly on task number two, though most of the other tasks may be inferred.  However, it might be fair to say that the third task of Contact with the Master is not spoken of by Spiral Dynamics and Integral, though as I will show in later posts there are books published in the Transpersonal and Integral community that focus on that task to a certain level.  Having said that please click on the links to these tasks to learn more. (Note: links will appear as the blog point on each task is written).

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