As those of you who have been following this blog know, I keep updating the main chart I am using of Levels and Terms pertaining to the Alice Bailey and Ken Wilber levels. Here is the latest version. 

Levels and Terms IV


In this chart I am using the new colors I created in 2017 for the levels used in the Alice Bailey system.  And, as you can see I have put the colors used in the Integral system next to them.  I am also attempting to show some of the overlap that happens in certain areas by adding in the diagonals in various columns. The diagonal splits show up mainly when we get to Petal 7 and Group 8. Here is where the much more information comes in regarding what is known as the first and second initiations (expansions of consciousness) in the Alice Bailey system.

The Alice Bailey system writes very heavily on these first two initiations, which is why there is much more detail in the chart at these levels. Bailey’s system also goes into what are known as the third initiation in some detail, though it is not as extensive as the first two, and I have not written as much on that initiation in this blog yet.  For those of you who really know the Alice Bailey system, these initiations (expansions of consciousness or enlightenment experiences) keep going with seven of them being somewhat elaborated on. Since these expansions of consciousness are so highly advanced, and we are told they are not taken in a human body, I will not comment on them in this blog.

As you can see with the Integral colors there is some overlap in their system with the Bailey model right up to the top of this chart. However, the upper reaches of the Integral system (where you have Turquoise, Indigo, Violet, Ultraviolet, Clear Light), have very little information so it is difficult for me to know if these correlations really work with the Alice Bailey model or not.  That is why I feel this blog is useful. Because it is precisely where the Integral model tapers off that the Alice Bailey model kicks into high gear.

In the meantime, I will continue to refine this chart as I have for years now.  At this point, however, I feel only minor adjustments may need to be made as I am becoming more confident in what I have put together.  The chart is also clarifying for me what often seems like confusing and contradictory language when wading through the Alice Bailey books. For example, the word disciple is often used for someone who is going through the second initiation.  But, if you are reading her book, Initiation: Human and Solar and reading the rules for individual initiation, it says these rules apply to disciples. Most people (myself included at one time) think these rules pertain to the second initiation (colors yellow, pastel yellow, and chartreuse in the chart above). But, Initiation: Human and Solar (p.192) states very clearly that these rules all pertain to the first initiation (p.192). So are disciples first degree initiates as well? I have come to the conclusion that they are and here is where I have tried to clarify things in the Names column by putting in order all the names given to disciples in order such as: Probationary Disciple, Accepting Disciple, Pledged Disciple, Accepted Disciple. If you keep these terms in mind the confusion is eliminated.

Anyway, this chart is not meant to be the final say in anything. PLEASE if you find something that is in error and needs to be corrected I am MORE THAN HAPPY to have it pointed out to me. My goal is to try to get a working chart that makes understanding the Alice Bailey model of the evolution of consciousness easier.  I am attached in no way to having the final say.  Though I am attached to trying to get this model more and more accurately understood.

Blessings to all.