Once again after even more extensive research I am updating the master chart I have been creating comparing the systems of Alice Bailey and Ken Wilber (Ageless Wisdom vs Integral). 

Levels and Terms VII

To let everyone know, for some time I have been writing a book that greatly elaborates everything I have shared in this blog. It is now nearly 500 pages long, which if put into book format would be somewhere between 1000 – 1500 pages in length. At this point, to also let you know that writing means, I am only today just done with detailing the Bailey model up through her First Initiation (initiation means expansion of consciousness or enlightenment experience). I am working on finishing off my writings on the Second Initiation now. Most likely I will stop this writing process after I get through Bailey’s Third Initiation. If you already know Bailey’s system, you know that her Third Initiation is considered the first major initiation in her system. The First and Second Initiations are only minor. You also know she lists Nine Initiations total.

While, working on this project I have also been reading, re-reading, documenting and researching even more carefully the books put out by both Alice Bailey and Ken Wilber. I have also been examining even more thoroughly the correlations with the Ageless Wisdom (Bailey) teachings and Integral (Wilber). Though I am not yet ready to share my extremely extensive research, I will let you know that maybe 70% of what I have written on this blog over the years I now consider to be outmoded. That means most of what I have written on this blog has been updated and substantially altered in my book yet to come out due to my even deeper understanding and refinements of both models. Though I am not yet ready to share the book, I am willing to share my latest chart that I work from, which I feel is getting closer and closer to what may be the final version. Also, as a reminder the chart above is only part of a much larger chart that Bailey uses, that I have added colors to. Here is that chart once again here.


Also to let you know in the book I am working on I have been taking the Alice Bailey writings, as this latest chart reflects, and finally putting them in a step-by-step organized fashion. In short, I am not creating a compilation, which can still seem disorganized at best. Though to help me with the thoughts in my book I have created numerous compilations from Bailey’s works that I refer to. Mostly, I have been involved in a very lengthy process (for a few years now) of cutting, pasting, correlating, and organizing her teachings. What I have been finding out is extremely revealing. In fact, now that the compilation chart of her system I feel is getting more accurate, I invite you to read Bailey’s book with the chart in hand and watch how much it eliminates what appears at times like a lot of contradiction and confusion.

Perhaps one of the most surprising things that you will see reflected in the new chart above, is while I am organizing all of this and comparing it to the Integral model (which has involved me reading and re-reading more and more of Wilber, especially his latest books), the Integral model has been compressed substantially compared to what previous charts I have done on this blog revealed before. For instance, at this point I am nearly convinced that the Integral model up through Indigo, and possibly even parts of Violet, only relate to Bailey’s First Initiation. When I am done writing the chapters on the levels involving Bailey’s Second and Third Initiations, I will be better able to share where the remaining Integral levels fit in. For now I suspect that what they have come up with so far will cut off somewhere in Bailey’s Second Initiation.

Finally, I have also listened to an audio where someone mentioned Bailey to Wilber (as well as Blavatsky) and for the most part Wilber was fairly dismissive of Bailey, though he did have a few nice things to say about Annie Besant. Also, in his book, The Religion of Tomorrow, published in 2017, Wilber does mention something that you might think alludes to Bailey in regards to his opinion on Masters. This is in his section where he writes about Violet and its potential pathologies. What I can share is that he talks about Masters (angels, aliens) as essentially not real. Rather he believes these are archetypes that people tune into. Though he says some of these writings may be of somewhat a high order (up to his Violet level), he feels people (probably he would put Bailey here), have a “Mythic” level (Integral Amber) hang-over and confuse archetypes as being real people. To let you know Alice Bailey writes in her book, how Carl Jung (they knew of each other) thought her Masters were archetypes as well. Bailey refuted Carl Jung’s notion that she was only in touch with an archetype, and not telepathically in tune with her Tibetan teacher as she claims she was, by saying in her Unfinished Autobiography, then how come she got packages from this supposed “archetype only” in the mail.

Actually, in fairness to Wilber, Bailey getting packages in the mail for me personally is not enough proof. In 1989 I was initiated by a head lama from the Gaden Shartse monastery. For years some of the monks from that monastery stayed in touch with me. One even flew out from Texas to California to deliver a “package” (a vase filled with I don’t know what, as I have never opened it) from the head lama of the Gaden Shartse monastery to me personally.  I still have it sitting on my alter. If I wanted to then, I could claim that I was telepathically in touch with a “Master” who was helping me write what I do and the package sent to me was “proof” that I was. My point is, a package in the mail for me personally is not proof enough.

Having just shared this, I am not saying then whether Bailey’s and Theosophy’s Master’s are or are not real. Personally, my mind is open and I don’t really know yet for sure. But, what I can say, is that having spent decades on both Bailey’s and Wilber’s models, it is becoming more and more fascinating to me, how ADVANCED Bailey’s writings are. Yes, as I write in the beginning of my book (which hopefully I release next year, though I might release it for free on this blog sooner), Bailey’s model can be (at least for me) agonizingly complex, obtuse, difficult to read, and written in an archaic language to boot. (Well it has been 100 years now since her first book came out). Despite all of this, I find it increasingly mind-boggling how such an intricate system on the evolution of consciousness came out so long ago, and how some of the best minds on the planet (including Ken Wilber and Sri Aurobindo whose works I have also read), still are not measuring up to what Bailey shared with us before women like her even had the right to vote.

And, no, I personally am not treating Bailey’s books like gospel.  At times I have not fit in real well with those who follow Bailey’s teachings because I frequently have a skeptical mind-set in regards to them. What I am willing to say so far taken from my own practice, understanding and research, is that regardless of who wrote Bailey’s books it is interesting to see how Integral is paralleling so much of what Bailey wrote. Even more mind-blowing is how what Integral is writing has only gotten pretty much to where Bailey’s entire system starts (i.e. the First Initiation). What this tells me is either 1) Bailey may have really had a “Master” telepathically dictate this system to her (after all Ken Wilber in all due humility you really don’t know for sure that a telepathic rapport between Bailey and some guy from Tibet may not have occurred). Or, 2) Bailey had some really amazing archetypes she was tapping into to bring through such an incredible body of teachings. Or, 3) my own private and personal feminist fantasy that probably isn’t true, but I wish it was, is that Bailey was a really, really smart woman who wrote all of this herself and therefore came up with a system that 100 years later is not only holding up, in many ways it is still pointing out the way human spiritual evolution will go.

Till I am ready to share more and start redoing this blog with my latest writings and research.