This post discusses how this blog, and the books that have emerged through it, shifted from simply a comparison between the Integral (Ken Wilber) and Ageless Wisdom (Theosophy/Alice Bailey) models of spiritual psychology, to what it is now and shares my next steps in this ongoing process.

In 2016 I began this project with an attempt to demonstrate the value of the model of human and spiritual evolution produced by a woman name Alice Bailey who put that model forward in 24 books during the 1910’s to the 1940’s. My motivation for sharing her model was mainly to show the Integral, Transpersonal, and Theosophical communities how her model connected to theirs, and even more to show how her model in many ways has taken things much, much farther that what we find out there.

To let you know since I started this blog in 2016 the following evolutions have taken place.

  1. Though in my 20’s and 30’s I read every single one of the Bailey books at least 3 – 5 times, only as of 2016 did I start the very complex process of trying to organize the Bailey model, something to my knowledge has never been done before. Doing this was only possible because of modern word processor technology along with the ability to cut, paste, and rearrange the Bailey books after they went online. During this organization process I have to date produced nine increasingly refined charts showing what I am concluding regarding the Bailey model, the terms she uses, and how these various terms correlate with one another. (Why so many terms are used I can’t answer. It just is, but hopefully the charts I am creating help all of you, as well as myself, better sort it all out). To let you know since Bailey’s model is so complex I am sure there will be continued refinements. Along these lines I very much welcome if you wish to contact me to share any errors you feel I may have made in my understanding of her model. Regardless, I am doing my best and hope that what I am producing is helping everyone better understand what Bailey’s model has to offer. Here is my latest chart.

Main Chart as of 2/8/2020

2. As I have continued to organize the Bailey model it became increasingly evident that at the higher levels of spiritual evolution (especially as I moved into the subplanes of her Mental Plane), that Bailey’s model and the Integral model simply do not line up very well. At first (and you will see this in my early posts) I thought they did. But, over time I began to realize that Bailey’s model was going much farther than anything Integral has yet proposed. So, even though I still do comparisons as appropriate, over time this blog started to look more like Bailey than Bailey vs Integral. Even though my original posts from three to four years ago are the most visited on this site (where I compare the two models), these original posts are simply not accurate anymore. The inaccuracies are due to both my better organization and understanding of Bailey’s model, and my more in depth understanding of the Integral, classic Theosophy, Transpersonal, Psychosynthesis, Aurodbindo, and even classic Yoga models (many of which I have studied my whole life, but am now only synthesizing). Therefore, if you are seriously interested about what I am doing on this site, I very much recommend that you ignore my original posts.

3. Another change that took place is that the more I wrote on this blog, the more I saw the necessity to organize the posts into books. The first books I put up were Becoming Human and Becoming Soul. To be honest, I also have Becoming Spirit in the works, which takes Bailey’s model even further into the higher levels of the Mental plane and even into the Buddhic Planes. In fact to date I have written over 400 pages in regards to another book I am calling Becoming Spirit. If you consider that three of Alice Bailey’s pages when cut and pasted from the internet, end up being only one page in any of my books, that is a LOT of pages I have written to date on her model. However, I have decided to stop for a time putting up more and more of my writings. Instead, I am turning my attention to the extensive process of editing what I have already written. As you may have noticed (sorry about that), this blog is full of unedited versions of my writings and nothing to date has been proofread. It is time to stop and clean up what I have already produced before sharing even more of what I have done.

4. As I started the editing process I felt it was also time to shorten the Becoming Human and Becoming Soul books by creating an introductory book called The Spiritual Human. The Spiritual Human book will contain the basic outline of the chapters I have produced on the model itself, and not the detailed explanations. The details will remain in the Becoming Human and Becoming Soul books. The Spiritual Human book will make it easier for people to start into the Bailey model without knowing the specifics of what goes on at each stage. The Spiritual Human book will also contain the main correlations with other models such as Integral, Transpersonal, Psychosynthesis, Yogic philosophy, and classic Theosophy in general. Look for this change to happen on this blog.

5. You will also see emerging in the future blog posts on how to apply what is given in the Bailey model to everyday life. In reviewing what I have written I have noticed how at times a not of superiority can come in. Whenever we have a model that uses a step ladder approach this can always become a difficulty.  I attempted to address some of this in my posts The Problem With Levels, Filling the Gaps in Spiritual Development, and Spiritual Bypass and the Bailey Model. However, as a professional counselor with some training in development psychology, I am also noticing as I start to edit my books that a softer more heart-felt approach is needed. That is why you will see future posts emerge that show less the problems that individuals in Bailey’s Ten Groups face, as the solutions for how to help them (and us) go through the various challenges and opportunities those in her Ten Groups face. 

6. During my work on this process I have also been sidetracked at times into an extensive exploration of the Bhagavad-Gita and especially the Mahabharata. I produced a six hour class on the esoteric view of the Mahabharata and presented it to Krotona in Ojai, CA. My intention is at some point to put that online. But, for now I am too overwhelmed with making a living and doing all my service activities to turn that class into YouTube videos. I hope to do that at some point. I also created a talk that shows how Theosophy and Alice Bailey influenced other models of spiritual psychology (including those that the Integral, Psychosynthesis, and the Transpersonal movements use). I have turned that into a video and even shared it on a blog here.

Finally, this blog has now been viewed by someone in almost every country in the world my stats show. I am quite frankly stunned by this. I am also grateful. Yes, maybe some of them just stumbled in here through Google, and quickly left wondering what on earth they had just found. But, I hope it means there are some people actually trying to learn more about the Bailey model of human and spiritual evolution I am putting forward. If so please understand that I am hungry for your comments.

How is this blog being received? Agree, disagree, confused, illuminated? I am curious. I would love to know your views. Please feel free to share your comments below. Just please keep it respectful!

After all I am not attached to if what I am saying is “right.” I am a seeker like the rest of you. I am simply trying to achieve an understanding of what makes us human and spiritual. I have already adjusted my own views dozens of times in just the past few years. If you want to help me continue to adjust my views I welcome it wholeheartedly. 

May we all continue to discover who we really are!