This post briefly shares about my third book, The Spiritual Human, that more readily gives an overview of the Bailey model. It will also add comparisons with other models in chapters to come.

As promised in a previous post I have developed a third book to my Becoming Human and Becoming Soul books. The problem I ran into with these first two books is that before I explained in detail the various stages of the Bailey model and how these stages fit with other models out there, I was having to be redundant. Instead of repeating Bailey’s model over and over in each book, I decided to create a separate book summarizing only the model and not going into it in depth. That new book is now online and like the others will remain online until everything is edited. Then the books will no longer be here for free.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy my work.

You can access The Spiritual Human by clicking the link on the words or through the tab on the menu above.