It continues to be a challenging task but I am happy with the re-organization of the book Becoming Human that is underway. I have now broken apart the chapters so that it is easy to find the main themes of development growth that belongs to the Evolutionary Groups associated with becoming human or an Integrated Personality to use Bailey’s words. And, I have added videos to help you better comprehend what each stage looks like.

Next, I have created separate chapters to show the various associated terms from Bailey’s writings, and the correlations with other models (Theosophy, Integral, etc) connected to the theme of each group. I have also been adding video clips that make the themes from each group seem more “real.” Finally, I am in the process of writing chapters on how to work with gaps in development that can cause any of us to skip a step as we go through the Evolutionary Groups  and drop back down to fill in these gaps when we are under stress. (Please see Filling the Gaps in Spiritual Development). I hope these changes are useful to you.