This post gives an overview of a talk given by Daniel Brown that I just attended at the Integral International Conference and discusses my latest insights on how the Integral model is fitting in with the Alice Bailey model.



It has been some time since I updated my master chart and featured it here. Since the last time I updated it I have been taking a lot more time to do an even deeper dive into both the Bailey and Integral models. The latest chart I believe is getting increasingly more accurate, especially as I put the two models together.

Also here is the classic Bailey model followed by a colored chart version I created.

7 Levels of Bailey With Triangles

And, here is the classic Integral model.

Integral Map

Regarding the levels I am now pretty certain that I have the levels in the two models lined up.  The major differences in the two models are as follows. To begin with when we get to Integral Orange it misses some steps that Bailey seems to include, primarily around Bailey’s notion of the Integrated Personality as a necessary stage. (See my book Becoming Human to learn more about her model).

Also, Bailey’s model has more stages than Integral, and the model she presents details a lot more about what happens in these stages than Integral has yet put forth. That is why you see me having to duplicate Integral Green and Turquoise because they need more steps to fit in with Bailey’s model.

Little Chelaship & Integral Green

I am also very convinced now that Integral Green and Teal fit in with the process leading up to Bailey’s First Initiation. Integral Green really represents Bailey’s stage of Little Chelaship (see Chela Stages in my book The Spiritual Human), which includes her Aspirant and Probationary Discipleship stage (that I call Evolutionary Names in my book The Spiritual Human going over Bailey’s model).

Chela Beginning StagesChela StagesEvolutionary Names

Stages Groups Names

Chela in the Light & Integral Teal

As for Teal it seems to very much fit with the Chela in the Light stage, especially when I compare it to Dan Brown’s comments about Teal. Summarizing from a talk Daniel Brown gave at the Integral Conference on May 27th, 2020 he essentially says that at the Teal level in Integral you open up to field of awareness that is beyond time and is timeless, limitless, and boundless. You are able to see the field in front of you as a knowing awareness space. Within that field that includes all systems you now recognize that everything is interconnected. [Seems like in Green you are still “you” able to listen to different perspectives and points of view. But in Teal you are the “field” containing all perspectives on into infinity. Brown says Integral Teal fits in with Dzogchen meditation practices of  simultaneous mind and what he calls “ocean and waves practice, where you are the ocean observing the waves of various content. You are also able to look at content with a spacious expanse and no more reactivity to anything, which is the path of spacious freedom. 

The above fits with what is taking place in with Bailey’s Chela in the Light and especially fits with her First Initiation. See my book Becoming Soul that essentially describes Bailey’s Little Chelaship and Chela in the Light stages leading into the First Initiation.

Accepted Discipleship/Chela on the Thread & Integral Turquoise

Though most of it is written, I have not yet put up my book Becoming Spirit that takes us through Bailey’s Second Initiation and up to her Third Initiation. But, it is clear to me now that Integral Turquoise pretty much is connected mainly to Bailey’s Second Initiation that includes her Chela Stages of Accepted Discipleship and Chela on the Thread. Though parts of Integral Turquoise sound a little like Bailey’s Third Initiation, most of it sounds as if we are still in Bailey’s Second Initiation, which I do not have time to describe here. To let you know Daniel Brown in his talk at the Integral Conference on May 27th, 2020 spoke about how with Integral Turquoise you are tapping more into immediate knowing and are increasingly able to see the Self (which in this case would be equivalent to what Bailey calls the personality), as temporary and just a construction. This fits with Bailey’s Second Initiation, where we are able to see the personality as separate from what she calls the “Soul” and go through the process of dismantling what she calls “glamours” so that we increasingly drop identification with the constructed “self” of the personality, and are able to more effectively learn through “direct awareness” (to use Dan Brown’s words), or the “intuition” to use Bailey’s words. Keep in mind that when Bailey uses the word intuition it is very much like “direct awareness” and not at all an instinct (gut hunch), or intellectual concept. (See Bailey’s books From Intellect to Intuition and Glamour: A World Problem to learn more).

Chela in the Master’s Aura & Integral Indigo

Bailey’s Chela in the Master’s Aura and Chela in the Master’s Heart both relate to her Third Initiation (an initiation is an expansion of consciousness). I am now pretty sure that Integral’s Indigo and Violet connect to Bailey’s Third Initiation. Referring to Brown again at the recent Integral Conference he indicates that with Integral Indigo we are able to hold “simultaneous multiple perspectives.” We also have the “disappearance of reactivity.” Both of these are a big part of what we see with Bailey’s Third Initiation. Brown also says that Integral Indigo has “spontaneous compassion for shared humanity.” In the Bailey model there are hints of that already at the First Initiation, but only at the Third Initiation does that tendency tend to become much more stable where as Bailey puts it we become a spontaneous outflow of love. (See my chapter The Mental Plane: How it Unfolds in my book The Spiritual Human). But the spontaneous compassion and disappearance of reactivity can only happen in the Bailey model when we work through the many glamours (that are emotional reactions and tendencies to still attach ourselves to the personality) that we are seeking to work through in her Second Initiation and have mastered to a much larger degree by her Third Initiation.

Also, when Brown talks about the Indigo stage in his talk on May 27, 2020 he mentions that when you get to Integral Indigo you have a “huge shift” and an “awakened mind.” As Bailey says her Third Initiation is often considered the first “real” initiation (compared to her First and Second) since it too represents the first time there is a “huge shift” in consciousness. Brown also describes how at Integral Indigo you are able to take in everything all at once and are seeing the entire whole more than specifics. He says that particulars will still happen, but wholeness shows itself by itself. Brown then goes on and refers to Dzogchen meditation practices of where you have ordinary mind [Bailey’s Plane of the Lower Mind] and awakened mind where the mind is non-localized, lucid, and awake [Bailey’s Plane of the Solar Angel]. Referring back to Brown’s ideas of Integral Indigo and how it refers to Dzogchen, he says that now you go into the Dharmakaya mother space where everything becomes a vast expanse and is filled with brightness, clarity, intensity, and sacredness. In many ways this is similar to Bailey’s Third Initiation where for the first time we “touch the Monad” and enter into the “Spiritual Triad” which is composed of Atma-Buddhi-Manas, which I feel is similar to the three bodies (trikaya or tri = three, kaya = bodies) in Buddhist practice of the Dharmakaya (Manas at the highest level in the Bailey model), Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya. 

Chela in the Master’s Heart & Integral Violet

Here Brown states the Integral Violet is where we enter a vast expanse that is totally stable and the “waves” that arise are enlivening the awakened awareness. Brown says in Dzogchen practice this has two parts. The observing part where whatever is in field is part of the same field in nondual sense. And the lively awareness that is awake within the field to sounds, visions, body sensations, forms, thoughts with a lively awakened awareness. Brown also says that here we are able to take both views above at once and not engage anything with reaction. When you do this, Brown says, then no karmic memory traces form. [Classical Theosophy and the Hindu/Buddhist traditions would also refer to these karmic traces as skandas]. Brown says that at this stage you are attempting to also get the 85 [or 80 he also says] positive states within the Buddha mind to arise.  To me this fits with Bailey’s 3rd Initiation that is moving into the 4th Initiation where you are starting the process of learning how to “crucify” these negative karmic traits.

Fourth Initiation & Integral Ultraviolet

Now, Brown says we at last reach the true “enlightenment” where all karmic memory traces have been purified in mind. Brown says we also purify all traces within the body and within ordinary perception that include the five sense organs, but mainly go to the 5 senses within the sense mind system. If we replaced the word “purified” here with “crucified” in the Bailey model we see very much the similarities here of her 4th Initiation known as the “crucifixion” and what Brown is talking about in Integral Ultraviolet. Also, for those of us familiar with the Bailey model we are very aware of her extension of the 5 senses into something very similar to what Brown talks about regarding the “sense mind system.” Training in this starts at Bailey’s 2nd Initiation as we become a Chela on the Thread, but really the process completes at her 4th Initiation. For those of you not familiar with Bailey’s charts on the senses I have put them here below along with links to some very old posts of mine regarding the Chela on the Thread stage. 

psychic unfoldment by sense

Here are the links to old posts on this topic that I put on this blog years ago.

What else is interesting to me about what Brown said in his May 27, 2020 talk about Integral Ultraviolet, is how at this stage you see the Buddha fields all around you, you don’t fly off to them, which fits a great deal with the process that starts with the Chela on the Thread stage. And, Brown says that body opens up as a sacred landscape where you start to see the channels, chakras, winds, drops, and seed syllables. For those of you familiar with Paramahansa Yogananda and his Kriya Yoga system (see his excellent books God Talks to Arjuna and the Second Coming of the Christ to get some detailed understanding here, as well as the practice of Dream Yoga in Tibetan Buddhism you will see very direct parallels to what Brown is saying here).  Interestingly enough, Brown also says about this stage that you see enlightenment as primarily coming from the heart. That fits with having to have gone into the “heart of the Master” in the final Chela Stage that Bailey describes, as you prepare to become a Bodhisattva at her 4th Initiation and are now preparing to become a Master yourself.  

Brown also says of Integral Ultraviolet that outside you see world as a sacred mandala, and inside you see your sacred body. Then he says it breaks your heart that no one else sees reality as you see it so you aspire to compassion and a million enlightened intentions to help liberate others that come to you from the Nirmanakayas (the third of the three kayas of Buddhism spoken of earlier). This ultimate breaking of the heart [so that it breaks open to the total suffering of the world as Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh puts it], again reminds me of Bailey’s “crucifixion” or 4th Initiation. 

Fifth Initiation & Integral Clear Light

Finally we have Integral’s Clear Light stage. Here I was surprised to hear Brown state that at this stage we essentially go through the “resurrection” and create the rainbow body. I was surprised because this fits in very well with Bailey’s 5th Initiation that is called essentially the “resurrection.”

Sixth & Seventh Initiations & Integral Clear Light

But perhaps what surprised me most of all regarding Brown’s talk was how he spoke about how after the resurrection stage (where you essentially learn to consciously dissolve the body), you go through an “ascension” stage in Tibetan Buddhist practice (that Integral is borrowing from a great deal along with Sri Aurobindo). I was surprised because what Brown was saying here fits with Bailey’s higher initiations of 5th and possibly even 6th (and 7th) where you essentially decide what path you want to ascend to away from once you are liberated from the wheel of rebirth upon this Earth.


Though Bailey does not apply Integral’s Four Quadrant system, you can find it in her system. For example going through Integral’s Four Quadrants we find the following:

“I” — Individual Interior

The meditation processes that Bailey applied that are found especially in her books: Discipleship in the New Age I & II; From Bethlehem to Calvary; From Intellect to Intuition; Letters on Occult Meditation and Rays & Initiations. You also find a lot about doing “shadow work,” especially on the spiritual path, in her book Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II where cleavages are mentioned. And, you find it throughout the book Glamour: A World Problem.

“WE” — Collective Interior

The necessity for students of the Bailey work to enter into this quadrant is found primarily in her books: Destiny of the Nations and The Problems of Humanity. You also see this in regards to how Bailey associates a “Soul ray” and a “Personality ray” to various countries and talks about how these countries are evolving spiritually. To let you know this idea that countries, planets, solar systems, galaxies are living organisms also evolving interiorly up a “spectrum of consciousness” is something that you do not find in the Integral circles.

“IT” — Individual Exterior

Similarities between this quadrant and what you see in Bailey’s model are found mainly when you look at what she says about her 5th Ray (the Ray of Concrete Science & Knowledge) and in her book The Consciousness of an Atom. You also find it in the areas where Bailey talks about the chakras and etheric body especially found in her book Esoteric Healing and in her book Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II to some degree.

“WE” — Collective Exterior

This was most certainly found in the Bailey circles especially in her tremendous focus on solving outwardly the problems of humanity found in her main book The Problems of Humanity. You also see this in the huge emphasis that Bailey puts on service, especially in regards to the book Service to Humanity. Many people don’t know about Bailey’s connection with Eleanor Roosevelt and the influence Bailey had in forming the League of Nations and how her Arcane School was involved in the United Nations later on.

Stretching Integrals Four Quadrants

What you mainly don’t see even yet in the Integral model is the stretch that Bailey (and also classical Theosophy that Bailey came out of make), in regards to other or “higher” lives. This stretch into seeing not just our Earth as a living entity, but other planets, solar systems, galaxies and so forth as living entities is something Integral seems to have just not gone into yet.  I get it.  All of this can seem highly abstract and when there are so many crises going on in our planet, it can seem pointless to consider what is happening with other planets, in our solar system, let alone beyond.  It can look like metaphysical mumbo jumbo and to many it may be.  But, for some it is not that. The “Way of Higher Evolution” as it is known in the Bailey books is another step and I will just leave it at that.