The recent mega tornado moving through the United States once again makes one wonder, is Revelation (the apocalyptic book by St. John) and Armageddon really going on in our world? If all I had was the tendency to read things literally instead of symbolically, I might say yes, it appears so.

As this website has been showing, the model we are using of Ten Evolutionary Groups implies that those in Groups 3 to 6 especially, might believe that to be the case. After all there are natural disasters taking place all throughout the world, that make it seem as if the “seven seals” are being broken preparing the way for Jesus and the “righteous” to return.

But, even the book of Revelation indicates that the apocalypse will be an ongoing thing, because it is a symbolic text, not a literal one. The seven seals are the seven chakras or “stars” that are lit in the “throne room.” The 144,000 are the number of petals on the chakra lotus flowers, or points on the stars within the body. And until enough of us evolve to get these 144,000 points opened we will continue to be unwise in our handling of the Earth’s resources to keep our Mother Nature “pure” (the Celestial Virgin). And, we will be unable to bring the New Jerusalem (City of Peace) to our entire Earth.

We will also have an inability to be scientific in our understanding of how natural shifts in the life of our Earth constantly take place (such as when ice ages happen). Only as we learn to be more scientific will we know how to work with these shifts as they naturally take place, and know how to keep unnatural shifts from occurring due to our exploitation and abuse of our precious world.

But, that means it is important to help those in Groups 5 & 6 who tend to take things literally, to open up to a more symbolic and non-literal view. At some point I will reduce my extensive series on Revelation down into a 2 hour version that is easier to get through. But, for now… here is a link to the opening video on the series I produced some time ago.