Soul to Spirit: The New Spiritual Psychology

Becoming Human, Becoming Soul, Becoming Spirit


Ageless Wisdom and Integral

Group 2: Child Humanity

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Group 1: Infant Humanity

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Stages of Spiritual Growth

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CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Mental Plane – How it Unfolds

This chapter summarizes various processes that need to be mastered as one moves up the Mental Plane in regards to the Alice Bailey model. Then it closes with brief comparisons to the more traditional Theosophical model as well as to the Integral model.

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CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR: Group Six – Spiritually Impatient

This post continues to share about what Alice Bailey calls the spiritual Aspirant. The post also goes into the Egoic Lotus petal association with the stage, the Technique of Integration — Alignment stage, and the comparisons of this stage of development to Integral Green. 

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CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE: Group Six – Spiritual Materialism

This post reflects the shift from being what Alice Bailey calls an Integrated Personality with its selfish nature dominating into starting on the spiritual path as what she calls an Aspirant. The post outlines some of the main areas of focus regarding the spiritual path, which is still primarily approached in a selfish way. 

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CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Group Five – Perfecting Their Craft

This post continues the discussion of Bailey’s Group Five, placed on the 4th subplane of the Emotional Plane and given the color of Amber. Some of the characteristics include: Perfecting a Craft and Difficulty Changing Their Conditioning.  A discussion of the Egoic Lotus petal associated with this group is also given along with the comparisons to the Integral Amber Expert stage.

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CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: Group Five – Maintaining the Status Quo

This post starts the discussion of Bailey’s Group Five. Some of the characteristics include: Gaining Self-Respect, Enforcers of Status Quo, Cognitive Dissonance.  Group Five is also said to be where the majority of humanity’s consciousness resides according to the Bailey teachings, and is the last stage of Atlantean consciousness.

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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Group Four – Constant Craving

This post continues the discussion of the characteristics of Bailey’s Group Four. Some of the characteristics include:  Fulling Desires, Constant Craving, Relying on Luck, Vulnerable to Exploitation, Easily Distracted.  

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