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Who Is Alice Bailey’s Tibetan – Photo Controversy

My original blog post on Who Is Alice Bailey’s Tibetan shared within it a photo that some believed to be Alice Bailey’s Tibetan and a drawing of that photo from a woman named Annie Gowland. Over the years many people have debated if that photo IS Alice Bailey’s Tibetan and not a “good likeness” of her Tibetan, as Alice Bailey claimed it was. New evidence seems to validate that it is only a likeness and not the Tibetan. The evidence sent to me along these lines came in a series of forwarded Emails that have been re-posted in this blog post. As for the debate about who Alice said her Tibetan was, please visit the original Who Is Alice Bailey’s Tibetan? post.

THE EMAIL INFORMATION SENT TO ME… A dialogue between Gvido Trepsa, Director of the Nicholas Roerich museum and a fellow disciple whose name has not been included in this public post. These emails were published in this blog post by permission.

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Group 2: Child Humanity

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Group 1: Infant Humanity

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Stages of Spiritual Growth

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Who is Alice Bailey’s Tibetan?

This post discusses who Alice Bailey’s Tibetan may be giving photos and possible documentation about his true identity. The post goes on to argue pros and cons about who he may be and discusses the mystery of the name given to him as well. The post also gives shows how in the end knowing who he is doesn’t really matter. What is more important are the teachings and what they share about spiritual development.

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CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Mental Plane – How it Unfolds

This chapter summarizes various processes that need to be mastered as one moves up the Mental Plane in regards to the Alice Bailey model. Then it closes with brief comparisons to the more traditional Theosophical model as well as to the Integral model.

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CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR: Group Six – Spiritually Impatient

This post continues to share about what Alice Bailey calls the spiritual Aspirant. The post also goes into the Egoic Lotus petal association with the stage, the Technique of Integration — Alignment stage, and the comparisons of this stage of development to Integral Green. 

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CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE: Group Six – Spiritual Materialism

This post reflects the shift from being what Alice Bailey calls an Integrated Personality with its selfish nature dominating into starting on the spiritual path as what she calls an Aspirant. The post outlines some of the main areas of focus regarding the spiritual path, which is still primarily approached in a selfish way. 

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CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE: Group Six – Correlations to Other Models

This post ends the discussion of how Bailey’s Group Six Integrated Personalities  enter a crisis. The post also explores the connection of this level to Integral’s Orange (which does not always fit), and ends with a look at the Seven Rays and how each Ray Type deals with this crisis at this stage.  

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