This 6 week class will give you an easy yet comprehensive understanding of the Bailey model. Even if you are a long time student you will benefit from this approach that puts all of terms and the ideas of the Bailey books into a highly organized and accessible system.  I intend to teach this ONLY ONE TIME FOR FREE.  The course will be 6 weeks long and will be taught over Zoom.  Classes will be Sunday mornings starting June 7th. We will start at 10 am PDT (I am in California). Each class will be 90 minutes long (with an option to go to 2 hours for further discussion).  Donations appreciated but not expected.

In this course you will receive a comprehensive understanding of the following:

  1. The Three Essential Stages for Spiritual Evolution
  2. The Seven Levels of the Bailey Model
  3. Her Ten Evolutionary Groups
  4. Her Chela Stages of Spiritual Growth
  5. The Initiation System and How Consciousness Expands at Each Level
  6. The Future of Humanity and Where We Are Going From Here.

The course will draw from material in my book The Spiritual Human, as well as give you numerous visuals and time for in-depth discussion. The cost of the class is essentially by donation only with a suggested donation of $0 – $65. Please email me as soon as possible to register using the contact form below.