This post moves on to compare the Alice Bailey/Wisdom levels and those of Integral/Wilber taking us into what Integral calls Red and compares it with Bailey’s Group Three.

As a reminder in Esoteric Psychology II, pp. 203 – 207, 10 groups of evolving humanity are presented. Now, I will draw parallels between the third level in Integral known as Red and Group Three talked about in the Alice Bailey model. Note: these parallels will be very brief.

Again let’s look at the Integral Map to orient ourselves.

Integral Levels of Development


Here is another chart of the above.

10 Soul Groups of Alice Bailey & Integral Connections

Group 3 & Red.

In the Alice Bailey model, we are told in Esoteric Psychology, Vol II, pp. 203 – 204 that Group Three is said to consist of people who are emotionally and psychically alive and beginning to integrate their physical responses with their emotions and their rudimentary minds. We are also told that their desire natures are becoming rampant. Michael Robbins in his  Egoic Lotus Webinar Commentaries 3 Series starting at around 50:00, says that these desires are frequently “running wild and out of control.” Robbins also says, they are emotionally alive, but still very physical.”

They are also said to have a shallow wish-life and lack the mental discernment to really understand what is of value.  Robbins gives an example of their being confronted with a diamond and a shiny piece of glass and taking the glass because it is more shiny. In short, it appears that they have little depth (emotional or otherwise). They do have more mind development than Group One and Group Two, but Robbins says when their minds are used it is to satisfy their selfish, superficial, and mostly physical desires.  To me, this level sounds like the stereotypical idea of a brute.

Integral and Red

In the Integral model we read this about the Red level.


This group is mostly concerned using power to get whatever they want and they do so usually through brute force (sounds familiar!).  To quote directly from An Overview of Developmental Stages of Consciousness compiled by Barrett C. Brown, Integral Institute April 3, 2006, Their basic value is, “Power and action. Basic theme: Be what you are and do what you want, regardless [of how you get it]. What’s important: Power, spontaneity, heroism, immediate gratification; standing tall, calling the shots, receiving respect, and getting attention; being daring, impulsive, and enjoying oneself without regret; conquering, outsmarting, dominating

Where seen: The ‘terrible twos’; rebellious youth; frontier mentalities; feudal kingdoms; epic heroes; wild rock stars; gang leaders; soldiers of fortune. Main focus: Own immediate needs, opportunities, self-protection. Description: Fight/flight response is very strong; very attack-oriented and win/lose in nature; short-term horizon; focus on concrete things and personal advantage; sees rules as loss of freedom; feedback heard as an attack How influences others: Takes matter into own hands, coerces, wins fight.”

The Two Models Compared.

Here the two models line up again fairly well.  Visually, I was reminded of Conan the Barbarian and so I have made the featured picture for this post along those lines.  The whole idea of Gladiators seems to fit in here as well. In modern times wrestlers and football players bashing each other evoke this Red Level, though the consciousness of modern day wrestlers and football players may not align with Red per se.  (Note: These two professions we now know suffer a lot of brain damage with blows to the head possibly causing regressions back to the Red Level).  How many people are alive at this time who are in Group Three is difficult to say.  They are not the largest group (Amber and Group Four are).  Still, the appeal of Red values seems to be rampant.  Just witness the large box office draw of so many comic book type movies where might seems to make right so long as you have the biggest muscles or weapons to inflict sufficient damage on people.

Again below is a map of terms that we use throughout the rest of this blog.


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